PIRC Defense: Introduction, Middlegame Plans, Typical Tactics | Best Chess Openings

Pirc Defense is one of the most charming Chess Openings to meet e4. Here we learn how to play Pirc Defense, I show you middlegame plans, masters’ games, and typical tactics for this Opening.

00:15 Advantages of playing Pirc Defense
01:01 INTRO
01:51 Austrian Attack
08:12 Classical Variation
13:49 150 Attack
19:28 Typical Tactics for Black in Pirc Defense
24:11 I play Pirc Defense in Bullet

* Advantages of playing Pirc Defense
1 – It’s a schematic play since in most of the cases Black develops the pieces no matter what White does.
2 – Great Line if you need to Win with Black (because usually, it leads to unbalanced positions).
3 – There is a Psychological advantage for Black, as it gives white a false impression of safety, often White overextends, and Black turns tables and wins.
4 – It’s versatile because Pirc Setup works basically vs any line White can play, and also flexible since you can choose among different setups with breaks over e5, c5, b5.

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  1. Best opening explanation of the Pirc that I've seen! Covered a lot with good examples. Looking forward to watching this again and again!

  2. Learnt a lot. You have taken a lot of trouble to explain tactics. It helps us improve

  3. Sir I need more video on pirc defence more variation

  4. I wish you've covered the Geller System of the Pirc, which I find the most difficult to face. But overall, great video.

  5. At 18:46 why doesn't white go Rd8 threatening mate and preventing mate as well.

  6. Very nicely done.
    I'm trying to learn this defense and you've helped me understand it greatly.

  7. Fantastic video. Muchas gracias, Michechess!

  8. is kings indian defence and pirk defence not the same thing?

  9. Good presentation here…the puzzles at the end were useful [I got them out too!] …well done!

  10. What about when pawn forks the knight and pawn on e4 on the 3rd or 4th move?

  11. I try always the PIRC when playing black BUT mostly WHITE will push to E5 almost immediately to break the rhythym of play!

  12. I'm here now because aimchess said I'm doing bad in pirc defense classical variation lol

  13. 20:20: What if White plays 1.a3? Is there anything better than 1…Bxc3ch 2. Kf1 Qa5 3. Bxe4? Black gets a pawn out of it and White's King is in an awkward position but that's it. Thanks.

  14. Thank you. I love playing the Pirc because it always creates asymmetrical positions

  15. 7:14 I can't find it.
    I get it! Clearance move, followed by a discovered attack, picking up the lose queen on the jung square.

  16. As a 700, most people I play against can’t counter this.

  17. You and Robert Ramirez have me loving the Pirc!

  18. Great lesson! A question though: In the video at 24:32, am I seeing a black pawn take a black knight?

  19. Excellent explanation. Subbed and added to my list of favorite chess instructors.

  20. very well done. I have had white push e5 after black plays nf6, I am black. What is the best retort. Because I have had three games in a row that have done this, Catches me off guard. What say you

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