Play the Sicilian Defense like Beth Harmon

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Many of us have seen the Queens Gambit on Netflix with Beth Harmon, Benny Watts, Vasily Borgov, and others playing the Sicilian Defense. This video serves as a way to learn the opening, talking about the Najdorf, Dragon, Taimanov, Kan, Sveshnikov, Grand Prix Attack, Closed Sicilian, and others. Hope you enjoy!

The Old Video:

0:00 Intro
10:41 GAME 1 vs. 980
22:11 GAME 2 vs. 1603
31:23 FINAL GAME vs. 1507

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  1. I won my first game with Sicilian defense with 80 percent accuracy and 0 blunders thx gotham

  2. 2023… made it this far.. thanks for taking the time to teach us.

  3. When we play g6 we call it dragon. Some believe the pawn structure looks like a dragon🐉🐲

  4. Don't forget about the french variation, which often will get you(as black) center controll

  5. Hey 👋 I’m from 2023….. it didn’t get better

  6. I made it trought all the video great one.

  7. When he said what a terrible year 2020 was 😂. Hearing that in the future

  8. Moral of the story never wake a man up in there sleep or else

  9. You just keep getting better and better!! Enjoyed watching you play with excellent commentary. THANKYOU!!!😇

  10. Man the subtitles are blocking all the Black pieces! Smh

  11. i don't know why but this joke-ish thing you put on the players board Gotham subscriber – not subbed to Gotham got me more than it probably should've lol

  12. Dude you are soooo good at chess man. I feel so lucky that you decided to start making YouTube videos. You're literally a chess professor. Such a great teacher. Thanks for all the time you put into these videos.

  13. I'd love to watch the movie, except for its woke agenda.

  14. Somehow I always end up playing the "Hyper-accelerated dragon: fianchetto variation." What a loaded opening this is

  15. Hey its 2023 Lifes been better these days no Covid as well.

  16. Playing 980 your opening reminded me of the grunfeld defense. Would you say its pretty similar to Sicilian?

  17. Wow, look! A rare occasion where Levy plays a sicilian… and a main line one at that!

  18. "People watching in 2027…"

    Oh do we have bad news for you about that.

  19. Me who never watched the show:

  20. how is the last guy 1500 he blundered checkmate

  21. I started to play chess and all the important stuff and i got to say your mindset is beautiful. Thank you. I will add this to my watch later.

  22. What do we do when d4 is played after c5 in the beginning 🤔

  23. Watching it in 2023. Thank You for the all the clips and this one in particular. Keep doing what you doing. You got me interested in Chess. And I speak Russian too btw 😉. Pleasure watching your videos. Very detailed and very interesting. Aside all, it’s not boring to watch. Regards. Sadig from Brooklyn, NY. 🙏

  24. Just started playing chess again, with my son, glad to have found your channel, and am enjoying your videos.

  25. When your so early that Gotham hasn't pinned a comment yet.

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