Play the Sicilian Defense like Beth Harmon

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Many of us have seen the Queens Gambit on Netflix with Beth Harmon, Benny Watts, Vasily Borgov, and others playing the Sicilian Defense. This video serves as a way to learn the opening, talking about the Najdorf, Dragon, Taimanov, Kan, Sveshnikov, Grand Prix Attack, Closed Sicilian, and others. Hope you enjoy!

The Old Video:

0:00 Intro
10:41 GAME 1 vs. 980
22:11 GAME 2 vs. 1603
31:23 FINAL GAME vs. 1507

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  1. Amazing explanation, underrated channel! I always see you in short clip and thought you are a goof balls… I was wrong…really learn a lot from your breakdown for beginner like me. Thanks for sharing

  2. “Drrraaggoon!!” -Charlie from Always Sunny

  3. There is a variation called f*cking KALASHNIKOV. I will never play anything else

  4. I thought the Sicilian defense was when you switch the wine glasses when he's not looking.

  5. I heard from somewhere it's called the dragon because black's pawn structure loosely resembles the dragon constellation, Draco (triangle head and snake-y body)

  6. "Play the Sicilian like Beth Harmon"
    Bro ive got 2 braicells trying to process what color orange is.

  7. I used to be scared of playing against humans, but I found that the games feel more real for a lack of better words. I'm playing against strategy and emotion, not just pure strategy. I really appreciate your channel, it has really changed how I play and appreciate chess! Thanks from Sep 28 2021 😁

  8. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos, I would like to see a video on the pirc defense and how it differs between the KID.

  9. I see this video in future 🙂 great training, thank you. please make more videos about Sicilian defense.

  10. 32:58 wouldn't bishop to g2 possibly be better? If white responds with bishop to f3 you could take with bishop or queen and open up that side some, and possibly trade queens. Bishop h1 is out of the question because white can go pawn f3 after that and take the free bishop. If white responds with pawn to f3 then you can take the rook. So either way you're up on material, more so than Levy's move I'm pretty sure.

  11. Picked up open Sicilian tonight. Have played 4 games as black. Have yet to have anything but a dominant position between 700 and 1000 rating. It feels unfair as black at this rating.

  12. सनसनाती आंधी Don't Stop says:

    Why noone talking about where did White's Bishop go at 17:36?

  13. I have someone always pushing with the queen and pond. Any advice?

  14. when you watch a chess tutorial it seems so easy and then you try it out and get your ass kicked by other players 🙂

  15. i cant wait to see the comments when im 20 freaking years old (2027)

  16. Learning chess as I miss playing with my friends and one of them
    Died from covid. I want to improve my ranking

  17. "if ur watching this in the future hope u are having a better year than 2020"….me watching at 2021

  18. Why is the captioning covering the board? Very annoying.

  19. the reason it's called the dragon is because it supposedly resembles the draco constellation.

  20. What do you do if white starts off with pawn d4 instead of pawn e4? Can you still start sicilian even if white pawn just takes?

  21. Love your chess knowledge man but the fact your also hilarious makes this channel great 👍 👏🏻

  22. What a great video. Super pace, tons of variation – time well spent. And yes! Thank you for mentioning our “made it this far” commitment. You are a very good teacher. You make if fun and energetic!

  23. Damn you really see how you can check mate someone so fast and easy. I have to check every piece before I can even tell that I’ve checked an opponent

  24. Such good content. I still come back to these videos after almost a year later. Thank you Levy, for reminding me how much I always loved this game.

  25. Can we get some video against alapin, maybe played against some strong opponent as well as theory explained?

  26. This video is the BEST I have seen when it comes to the Sicilian Defense! Believe it or not, simply playing the video from "Black's" viewpoint is VERY important. Most other competing videos play from a White view of the board. I am learning at present by playing computer chess and of course the IA NEVER (or rarely) plays like a human. However, with your excellent description of the variables I am beginning to understand my options with this defense. GREAT JOB! Thank you

  27. My favorite is synder variation against the Sicilian defense

  28. Levy: I won't play any tricks
    Also Levy: ROOK B2??!?!

  29. For the record, 2021 was not any better than 2020. Also, this defense has been throwing me off. Gonna use this info, thanks.

  30. "Kalashnikov" ak=automatic Kalashnikov cool name

  31. “The Sicilian is very dense”…
    Sounds like what my teachers said about me in high school

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