Playing Ultra-Aggressively with the French Defense

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In this video, I play the French Defense and encounter the Exchange Variation. While this has the reputation of being a dry and positional line, I play in a super aggressive style and thing get sharp and exciting very quickly…
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  1. Eric Rosen is the goat, love the energy!

  2. I thought the French Defense meant resigning

  3. The dude that started playing in December 2020 and is now 1800 is definitely built different

  4. 3:30 who the fuck jumps to 1800 in less than a year of playing?

  5. White and Black mutually agreed to not use the open e-file for no reason at all.

  6. I love how Eric makes sure to shout-out everyone who subscribes/ donates/ whatever. There was a guy around 7:35 who gave bits with txt2speech in the middle of Eric's calculations. It felt to me like a bad time for it and it almost seemed like Eric would ignore it. If he had, and I were that guy, it would feel kind of like Eric was annoyed at me for essentially giving him money. I dunno, I hope anyone who reads this sees what I'm getting at. He's just so warm and positive with his fanbase and it goes a long way for me. Like, I'd probably have words with someone talking shit on IMRosen (this scenario is completely imagined, because who could talk shit on Eric?)

  7. the guy paradox salad said the same thing in levys stream too bruh

  8. I wish you’d post more of this type of content on YouTube honestly. I’m trying to break 2000 and these videos are very helpful

  9. I want Jonahan Schrantz to play feisty french against Eric

  10. playing french aggressively is unusual, but ultra aggressive? woahh that isn't a calm eric forte.

  11. i call bs on the guy saying he got to 1800 from beginner in 9 months.

  12. I always enjoy watching the French. Is 4…Bg4 more flexible than …Bd6? Obviously the immediate c4 was reqd, as soon as …Ng6 cd

  13. “Maybe white will forget… white didn’t forget”

  14. When I try to play like Eric – sacrificing pieces I just end up loosing because I calculated wrong or just miss mate in 1 and hang up my Q instead

  15. Gam-Bits. Can’t believe how long it’s taken for me to hear someone make that pun!

  16. Wow youre so good at calculating, if only i could 4 move ahead..

  17. As someone who plays the french defense exclusively against 1. e4, I'm very happy to see the Bd6 followed by Ne7 setup as I also only play that against the exchange (unless an early c4 is played).

  18. Wow just as one of your donors said, your content is very instructive, and so was this vid. With a slower time we get to see all the many tactics and considerations you'd make in more detail.

  19. They just couldn’t resist that en passant haha

  20. Is that how that defend works?

    I thought the mecanism was surrendering

  21. This video gave me a lot of fun, really, thanks Eric.

  22. Tbh I never watched Eric before .. but this game was boring .. there was to much calculating of lines that eventually win in round about ways or allow room for a draw .. nothing was interesting until the rook sack.

  23. In this kind of similarish setup a good ol' fishing pole attack is most of the time the easiest way to win for me, for some reasons most players (of almost any rating) seem to be very confused about it and I rarely encounter people able to correctly refute it, especially if it's not a direct line but rather a transposition.

    Edit: Amusingly I wrote this comment before the end of the video and it transposed into the basic idea of the fishing pole, sacrificing a piece on g3 to open the h file and kick the knight out of f3 (often to a bad square) to attack with a rook/queen battery often supported by the dark square bishop.
    I don't know why white almost always takes the poisonous piece on g3…

    Fishing pole people!

  24. Lol I just found your videos after watching 5up v MrBeast and you low key sound like a deeper, slower toned 5up to me! 😂 maybe it’s because I came from that video but idk.

  25. For perspective on the 1800: I started playing (not just knowing that the horsey makes the L shape and pawns capture diagonally) during the same time. Dec 2020. Went from 700~ to 1200

  26. I like these gentle time limits: it gives you me more time to understand your "funny lines".

  27. @3:20 The guy who donated said the same thing in GothamChess's twitch stream. 😲😲😲😲

  28. what kind/brand of microphone do you use?

  29. Wish you had gone bishop c8 to attack the white bishop and create room to bring your knight out and check the king.

  30. At 20:15, Eric is calculating f4, after Qh7, but does not Rh8 just immediately force checkmate after f4?

  31. Great example of how you can fight in the french!

  32. Thanks. I've finally found someone shows how to play french defense. Most videos on youtube only show how to crash frech defence as white.

  33. "I'm gonna do this. The worst case scenario I lose"
    – Eric Rosen

  34. Who said french exchange is boring 😅

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