Playing Ultra-Aggressively with the French Defense

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In this video, I play the French Defense and encounter the Exchange Variation. While this has the reputation of being a dry and positional line, I play in a super aggressive style and thing get sharp and exciting very quickly…
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  1. If the en passant line happened you'd have to take because it's forced

  2. I actually play this same line, so that's cool

  3. Title: hyper aggressive
    Thumbnail: Main line

  4. It's 3AM in Korea, and I should be sleeping…and boom! Eric uploads <3

  5. I decided to gambit my time doing college stuff to see Eric crush someone

  6. Ultra-aggressive French Defence.
    French should know it in 1939…

  7. >clicks on new eric rosen video
    >oooooo I wanna play stafford

  8. "Worst case scenario, i have this or this. Best case scenario I win the lottery".

  9. Johnathon schranz french defence blue print anyone?

  10. I can't believe aggressive and defense can be in the same sentence

  11. Wow pls Eric if you read this: more videos like this french+long term sacrifice

  12. “Ultra-aggressive with Stafford”
    sacks knight on move 6

    “Ultra-aggressive with the French”
    plays a standard game of chess

  13. hi im only doing london system and czech pirc for black. gained more than 120 points so far. i just play longer than 10-0 and analyze them after. so every game adds on to my knowledge to the opening.

  14. I love your content Eric! Thanks for grinding like you do!

  15. This was a fun game. Aggressive play but not a loosing opening

  16. white has 13 minutes on the clock yet uses no time when black is starting to sac and the game becomes tactical. You should really start to use your time once the game gets sharp.

  17. I don’t think ‘French’ and ‘aggressive’ can be used in the same sentence

  18. I love the longer games. I’ve been watching your old Classical Arena videos, they are much more instructive than blitz games imo

  19. Person 1: "I'm a French player"
    Person 2: "Oh you're French? I didn’t know."
    Person 1: "No, no, I play the French"
    Person 2 : (confused) "So you play against Frenchs?"
    Person 1: (Visibly annoyed) "No, I mean yes sometimes but what I mean is, I play the French defense when I'm black."
    Person 2: "So, you're not French, you play against French players sometimes and you play against their defense other times but only when you're… black? I'm confused."
    Person 1: (Steaming) "Look here you little shit. I play chess, and when I'm playing as black, I open with the French defense. It's a chess opening. Get it now?"
    Person 2: "Ah okay,I get it."
    Person 1: "Yes, finally."
    Person 2: "So you play against a guy called Ches but you pretend you're black sometimes so you can surprise them when you show up with the French Defense but it's a move invented by Ches, so you're using their moves against them.:
    Person 1: "I'm gonna kill you"

  20. Wow! The calculations that went into the final moves. So much fun!

  21. Two different scenarios where en passant is a blunder – /r/anarchychess in shambles.

  22. your opponent needs to improve time managment. Blitzed out moves when you were on a big attack with critical responses

  23. So I was playing Stanford gambit, and after I recaptured the knight on c6 the opponent played Qe2, what do I do against this?

  24. In what world is this considered ultra aggressive lol

  25. The move with the French name would lose the French defense game. How very French.

  26. 20:45 "Could white prolong the mate?"

    The horsey could defend the bishop delaying it by a move

    Even better, white could play f4 and force en passant, then play horsey to f3! Boom! Crisis averted!

    Edit: Yoo Eric looked into an en passant situation!

  27. I like these 20+10 rapid games. Lots of strategy to learn.

  28. i hope to one day be that man who reached 1800 rating, so IM Rosen can tell me im "pretty good" 3:23 😂

  29. At 20:08 can't he just play rook h8 if f4 because the pawn on g4 stops the knight or queen from guarding?

  30. Why did he play bishop g4 instead of f5 on move 7 I think.

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