Portuguese Gambit – Chess Opening

The Portuguese Gambit starts out with the moves 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. d4 Bg4. Black looks to give up material in exchange for a very active board. For more chess openings check out:


  1. I was crushed by Portuguese Gambit. That's why I came to learn the opening.

  2. What about Bishop to E2? I see a lot of that.

  3. last time I was this early I learned the queens gambit declined…

  4. Hey Kevin, can you upload a video on baeyer gambit and hungarian opening

  5. At 11:43, after black plays ..Bh5, why not pawn g4, forking black's queen and bishop?

  6. Lets give white the worst moves possible…

  7. Great moves I learned something new to use the next time I play thank you Kevin! '!!!!!!#!####

  8. Quite odd that the Scandinavian defense becomes the Portuguese gambit… lol

  9. Be2 is the obvious response for White. Leaves black nothing

  10. Why is this gambit? Which moved makes this the gambit?

  11. At 3.00, just move the pawn to g4 to chase the knight away! Ridiculous, why would you proceed to move a different paen to c4?!

  12. What to do after Bd3 at 854 attacking your queen bxn qxn g2xf3, queens are off the board, I guess maybe black is better, but its not fun:(

  13. 3:30 Your bishop should probably come back to g6, not e6, no?

  14. You didn't mention white bishop protecting on e2

  15. Hmm i wonder why i win all the time when they do that to me.. i did attack like that when i was white

  16. I say that chain pawn has to be not move after check the move knight to e3

  17. I am portuguese 🇵🇹 and i love playing this Gambit, but i rarelly am against the scandinavian in my 1100 elo só………..

  18. I thought the portuguese opening was a variation of Ruy Lopez for the whites…

  19. I am the 1000th person who gave this video a like

  20. So we just gonna ignore the fact D5 has a only a 25% winrate for masters playing with black? And that fact that literally nobody playing white will ever play D4 to stack their pawsn up on their third move??? It's an awful opoening for black that heavily relies on white playing like trash.

  21. How about a video on the Portuguese opening? 1.e4 e5 2.Bb5 I have seen a long one about it by IM Andrew Martin.

  22. I started playing the Icelandic, but just came across this one. I can't wait to try.

  23. Seu canal é bom, o único problema é que não é em português, mas ninguém é perfeito.

  24. 2:26 – if white plays – g4, i could not find a good continuation.. any ideas?

  25. This gambit sounds likes a lot of fun. Nice active agressive style from black while white just sits around not really doing anything

  26. When you pin the knight at the end what move should black play after white Bd2? 13:00

  27. What happens if they don't ever place that second pawn down on the D line? Coz usually they don't do that!

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