Sicilian Defence Canal attack trap for white🔥🔥

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  1. But white only up a pawn, because after Nc6, Bb7 skewering the Knight to the e4 pawn

  2. Musiknya ngeselin tambah lama tambah berisik nggak bisa fokus

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I usually play bishop d7, simply trading

  4. The reason I love this channel so much is that there isn’t so bull shit checkmate, it’s always a very honest mistake that’s a blunder and get checkmated, or you are up material

  5. Dragon variation of the sicilian is a very aggressive line, of not careful this happens

  6. The maker of these traps should get an award .

  7. Not really an opening trap more or less just a common tactical theme good to know none the less

  8. I would have blocked the diagonal with the knight to avoid the fork

  9. WAIT THIS IS ACTUALLY USEFUL! Props to you man

  10. Remember this trap would not happen if your opponent block the check with bishop and not knight, because the double pawn in c-file and black forcing their dragon to happen is a piece needed to lay this trap.

    If black moves Bd7 after white checks, learn sicilian canal main line, because if white not careful, white can losing pretty bad.

  11. Normally id play Bishop d7 if ever eaten eat with queen

  12. Black obviously 2 move doing in one time that is Bishop attack the Knight

  13. The only thing is that I blocked with the bishop. So probably the trap is useless against me.

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