Sicilian Defense – Najdorf Variation

The Najdorf Variation is the most popular variation in the Sicilian Defense and is one of the most analyzed openings in all of chess. Black looks to thwart many ideas from white by playing an early a6. This passive looking move is actually quite aggressive as black has ideas to attack relentless on the queen side by stopping white from attacking.

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  1. Which is the best variation of Sicilian and is it good to learn for beginners?

  2. this kind of style of explaining chess; and generally; seems to be on the way out. people prefer to be entertained with types of loud wind ups ; rather than fun ways of engaging their brains

  3. At about 6:00, why not pawn to e5 to put pressure on white's knight and take center control?

  4. wht can i say everthying is perfect ur voice ur teachin style thnks a lot i wish u be 1 mil subs one day

  5. I disagree with one move the rest was a masterpiece

  6. H7 to H6. Smack that bishop up then taunt the knight

  7. Najdorf is a very hard position for black. I recommend playing it when you have reached 1800 because if you don't understand the position it is very difficult

  8. What if they don’t exchange the pawns in the start on e4? Can I still play the najdorf then?

  9. The old variation looks scary for black, but if it's okay, maybe you should analayse it more in the video?

  10. We don't have to worry about poison pawn as if we play pawn A3 the poison pawn can't be captured. Because after capturing it knight A4 gets the queen trapped.

  11. I'll always go with Sicilian Najdorf or Petrov's defense. When I'm lazy to think, I'll just play french or some gambit

  12. Save money? Thats 20$ worth of openings per video

  13. i am a rookie but
    this game looks a bit familiar

  14. I don't know how can i thank you..😍♥️♥️

  15. Just had a game against a 2000 where I won 2 bishops in 17 moves in my first time playing the najdorf. Definitely going to start playing it. Thanks for the video

  16. Then your both bishop might be very cramp in the most of the time😩

  17. How do you play against someone who always uses his queen? Please make a video about it. Thanks.

  18. The whole video guy wanted to call it the Ny_Door defense haha. It has an "f" at the end my dude!

  19. There is a possiblity of being checkmated for black when the pawn chain is created as the white bishop can deliver a quick check and mate him

  20. I hated going to my chess classes as a kid. Now that chess has advanced so much from the time when I was a young kid, and I’ve been out of touch, coming back to your videos is helpful as it gives me a familiar teacher for review.

  21. When I struggle to understand videos like these it really makes me wonder why I picked up chess. I'll never be good at it

  22. I'm a huge Kasparov fan, my favorite chess player, actually, so suffice it to say, this is my favorite opening as black.

  23. honestly love the video bro, i wanted to ask if this video covers all the variations of the najdorf

  24. Hey bud thank you for this , These videos along with reading Jeremy Silman makes it extremely easy to visualise 😍

  25. The way you describe the strategy makes it feel like I'm preparing for battle. I simply love your narration.

  26. Great video man well explained 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


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