STOMP WHITE! – The Stonewall Defense – GM Perelshteyn (EMPIRE CHESS)

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The Stonewall Defense is an exceptionally solid choice for black against 1. d4, based on strong positional ideas that are very tough to crack! The Stonewall Defense involves placing your pawns on the light squares (..d5, e6, and f5) – granting black an iron grip on the center and making it extremely difficult for white to achieve thematic breaks involving an e4 push. While black does have problems with developing his light-squared bishop on c8, in the below chess video excerpt from the 2+ hour chess DVD ¨Stomping White with the Stonewall Defense¨ Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn demonstrates multiple effective methods to develop or trade off that potential ¨problem bishop¨. The Stonewall Defense is a reliable opening choice for chess players of all levels and has been employed at the highest levels of chess by none other than current World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and former World Champions Vladimir Kramnik, Mikhail Botvinnik, and Vassily Smyslov.


  1. Very guud video even after 9 years!!

  2. Just wanted to remind you guys we are still having a sale where you can get this DVD or any DVD at 50% off using code OCL50, that is good for the next 2 days!

  3. Great! I always go into this position haha just didnt know it was called stonewall. Must be why i love knights

  4. Nice Vid…I will share it to my friends… 🙂

  5. what happens if your opponent opens with the stonewall attack then?

  6. I prefer to be Black and have been studying hard the theory of the Dragon. Now I want to move by understanding the Stonewall. I will buy this but where to go?

  7. You can buy it by clicking "Buy this Full DVD" on the bottom right of the video. Also I did a 4 part series on the stonewall back in 2011 that's also up here on youtube, just search for "stonewall attack" on youtube. Cheers bud.

  8. I bought the Full DVD and really loved it! Wow I was very impressed, I can't believe I have never played the stonewall before! It is exciting and a real treasure to watch, I'm looking forward to playing it OTB. I am now going to search your previous series. thank you.

  9. Thanks Steve, glad to hear you enjoyed the DVD! Best of luck!

  10. very good , and I will play this opening to.

  11. its 5000 views and u get ads…. fuck this

  12. I play the "classical dutch" but have come to realize that you must also know the stonewall . this is a great easy to understand dvd . chapter 3 and all it's attacking ideas are worth the price of the dvd .  and these people ship very fast ! gm perlshsteyn is a wonderful teacher .

  13. i am a big fun of the stonewall but if white is playing BF4!! so black is standing poorly becuse he cannot put his dark sqare bishop on the long digonl do you have a souliton for me plz? i am really sad about it….

  14. question: what should I expect to do if my opponent starts like this against the stonewall:
    Now it seems like white has the edge since his knight is on f3 instead of h3: should black have played a different way after 6.c5?

  15. Dear Sir, does your video go into more detail as to different white moves that can mess up this stonewall theory? For example like the one I just posted above?

  16. I like all of GM Perelshteyn help and especially the accelerated dragon.

  17. I'm so confused…. I love the stonewall formation set up but I the video I don't get why at "13:39", one of the knights can take G6 and pin the queen and or the rook…. how would you counter that?

  18. I love all of these chess opening demonstrations by GM Eugene Perelshteyn gentry wales

  19. I did not play when i was young. More interested in Slav and King's Indian variants. Nowadays, I usually play Dutch with Stonewall formation. Works a treat each time.

  20. Ha ha ha. An opening “only” for club players? Try telling Carlsen that!! He often crushes 2600+ players with it. And the occasional 2700+ players.

  21. At 13:52 after Nd7, can white sac a knight with Ng6! Then after hxg6 play Nxg6 forking queen and rook for the win?

  22. perfect video Mr.Eugene , I will be importont for me…

  23. if you can open with the french, does that allow you to use this against E4 as well?

  24. Dutch is fun. Really throws a lot of 1.d4 players for a loop. The themes are pretty easy for black to understand and white doesn't really have any clear attacks. Great video covering some important considerations.

  25. So many ways for white to destroy this set up. I don't like it at all.

  26. So many videos of white playing that pawn first yet noone ever plays that pawn

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