Teaching TierZoo #2: Easy Openings for Black

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GothamChess meets with @TierZoo and gives some recommendations to play with the Black pieces early – Scandinavian Defense and Stafford Gambit.

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  1. I hate playing as black so much. You have Danish Gambit, Black Deimar Gambit and Vienna Gambit.

  2. I mean if eric rosen destroys 2000+ rated players or even GMs with it how bad can the stafford be

  3. Sorry, what did Levy say at 23:29 ?
    The internet connection cutting off the C in castle I finally realize 😄

  4. I see e4 followed by d3 a lot for some reason

  5. I was struggling for black opening.. best lessons so far

  6. My only problem is when I play Stafford they never take the pawn so it becomes the same boring 4 knights opening because they are uncreative noobs so I can't have fun. That's why I prefer white. (I'm at 1250 btw, they probably know the stafford and don't like it, but they should at least take that freakin pawn)

  7. Thanks for the in-depth simplicity of your videos.

  8. We didn't come from apes. We were created by God pretty much as is about 6000 years ago. .

  9. Eric rosen seeing Gotham's Stafford gambit tutorial: hold my beer

  10. I used to think Levys videos were overrated trying too much with clickbait stuff , gimmicks etc but when you get to videos like this you realise what a valuable resource he is for improving one’s chess particularly among us chess hacks

  11. The Scandinavia video you say it’s for 2000 players

  12. I need a lesson. I’ve been stuck at 1050 Eli for years

  13. What about this line in Scandinavian: white declines and goes Nc3. I take and white recaptures with the Knight. I bring my queen to d5 like you suggest, but then white plays queen to f3. what do I do here? Because white will be looking for Nf6 check and I'll lose my queen

  14. What do I do if white plays B4 and attacks the queen? Do I just take it? Also what to do with my queen if white plays A3 and then B4? Do I just take the queen back to D8?

  15. Makes it 10 minutes into video… "Alright, I'm ready to play some chess" quits video & starts playing chess

  16. levy! love our videos! do you do privet lessons?

  17. Dude, Im only 4;50 in..I forgot how fun you make this.. Struggling to get to 1000 but just started playing again.. Missed your humor and enthusiasm ..Love your coaching style!! Im sick of not knowing black openings!! this is great..now back to studying…THANK YOU LEVI!!! Your the MAN!

  18. Very Nice Video Gotham, more of this please, im a 1600+ player and cannot seem to get to 1700

  19. Stafford is forever connected with eric now

  20. Thank you, Levi for this pivotal chess lessons.I teach by watching your videos and becoming better

  21. damn how simple it looks. and then ohnomyqueen 4 real.

  22. could you make a video to explain some ideas how to play in the middlegame? I play a lot of chess. Sometimes i find some nice moves and i win.But sometimes i feel bored because i use the same openings but i struggle to find ideas to move on during the match and i don't how to continue the variation that i chose and i don't know what i have to play with the black pieces.

  23. To me, Chess International Master explaining series of moves, especially venomous gambit, is exactly like a magician explaining magic tricks secrets …. For most people like myself, always surprised ending and look so easy, that’s why chess is always a fun game/sport

  24. not fan of scandinivian.when i was 600elo struggled against scandinivian player. but its not good.(now 1200elo)
    now i feel i can win with white 80% against same elo.

  25. So is it fair to say that black generally wants to castle on the opposite side of the board as white? Or is it just that castling opposite leads to a more open game and isn't inherently advantageous for black or white necessarily?

  26. 16:38 I should go bishop g4 if he defended his queen I move back if he takes my knite i take a queen

  27. *Goes into a new game with black prepared to play the Scandinavian

    Opponent plays d4

  28. check out the insane glowup for Levy since now. in 2023 my mans is looking fantastic, with great audio, and at like 2.? million subs lol

  29. I'm a Scandinavian enjoyer. I'm also 1/4 Norwegian so it makes sense.

  30. This is the most random, but amazing, crossover ever. I love both channels

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