Teaching TierZoo #2: Easy Openings for Black

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GothamChess meets with @TierZoo and gives some recommendations to play with the Black pieces early – Scandinavian Defense and Stafford Gambit.

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  1. Okay that is very interesting. Thank you I learned lots. Didn't think about chess like that before. So bishops are defenders? What are the roles of the other pieces?

  2. I think what he's trying to say is that the cahoxagogen is frammed up by the rammistam

  3. I know 900 isn’t exactly a high score but this guy doesn’t seem to know anything. How’d he get to 900??

  4. This had to be frustrating for Gotham. Other guy seemed like this was his very first time playing chess.

  5. Sorry haven't watched the video fully but you can defend the queen attack with blacks horse.

  6. But It does leave your king wide open.

  7. I love how the scandi transposed into the french

  8. I am a beginner. A total beginner. I played that slavic defense again and again against my PC . Bring out the their queen and both knights was devastating no matter how I wasted moves trying to protect my queen. Can you do this one again but with a sly white opponent.

  9. The best informational video for me with the most that I can understand thank you

  10. I never thought of re-filling white squares with pawns after trading white square bishop 🤔

  11. I like new gotham, but i just found this video and i prefer this old version of gothem more. Hes more down to earth and less of a content pumping youtuber in this 3 yr old vid.

  12. I’m new to chess and would love to subscribe and learn just like this.

  13. I lose with black 2x as often.. really need to work on this stuff

  14. How can I get a chess lesson? I’d really like to learn more.

  15. Chess is so much easier when you're watching a video. 🤣🤣

  16. The thumbnail is the evolution of human
    Smol monke
    Big monke
    Sussy monke

  17. People who write first

    Me: You are not just the clown but the entire circus

  18. Hi Levy I love your videos. I've been watching from a long time from India. Can you please make a 10min video on the reti opening? I really want to learn it but not by anyone else.

  19. Could you please make video about how to beat time management in chess , tip etc!!

  20. Tier zoo literally has 2 million subs. …………Levy is lucky

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