The Accelerated Dragon ⎸Sicilian Defense Theory

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The Accelerated Dragon is one of the sharpest and most fun openings in chess. It’s unforgiving, and it gives you no room for mistakes. The side that manages to get an attack going faster is usually going to win the game.

If you are unfamiliar with the Sicilian Defense, I’d recommend the introductory video in which I covered the ideas for both sides as well as all most common theoretical lines briefly:

Here are two games I played as white against the Accelerated Dragon. In the first one my opponent made a theoretical mistake early on and I managed to exploit it and convert easily. In the other one, I made a mistake but it went unpunished. Perhaps these two games could serve as an example of what can occur out of the opening: Tomic vs Bojanic
Tomic vs Blaga

The opening occurs after the moves:

1.e4 c5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.d4 cxd4
4.Nxd4 g6 – the move g6 signifies the accelerated dragon. As opposed to the normal dragon, black wastes no time fianchettoing his bishop and castling kingside. White has three ways to react to this aggressive opening choice.
5.Nc3 is the main line
5.c4 is the Maroczy Bind variation, and the most solid way for white to look for an advantage
5.Nxc6 is the exchange variation and it’s probably the worse of the three for white. Black immediately gets a central pawn majority which can be useful in any endgame scenarios.

Players whose games you should study (for the black side): Magnus Carlsen (vs Morozevich, 2013; vs Caruana 2014), Vassily Ivanchuk (vs Leko 2007). There are many other, but I think these two can provide two completely approaches to the opening.


  1. 5:07 – Why not king takes? The king on f6 is basically castled because he does not get in the way of the organic development – bishop to g7 and rook to e8, which is also a natural move behind the three central pawns.

  2. When I heard that canon I thought it was a gun shot lol, nice video man, you're my favorite Chess content creator

  3. 8:00 After a4 what is bishop takes on a4? I've been trying to figure out why for some time now.

  4. If black does NOT play a5 then he plays into white's Yugoslav Attack. One of the main purposes of playing the Accelerated Dragon is precisely to avoid the Yugoslav Attack.. As soon as black plays d6, frankly it's no longer an Accelerated Dragon.

  5. I'm watching this for the second time and that damn cannon scared me again XD

  6. This channel is so underrated found sadly found it on 2022

  7. that cannon startled me, im watching this at midnight

  8. I am really appreciating these videos, however watching now in 2022 I am wondering if a lot of this theory still applies? Running it through engines (which of course for openings isn't too reliable) I get very different moves.

  9. Great vid, love how you casually say "Yeah there is a cannon in our town." 🤣🤣

  10. 8:00 what if white capture blacks flank pawn with bishop and knight keeps protecting the central pawn and the bishop

  11. The Maroczy Bind completely refutes this accelerated dragon. Gives white +0.8. That's poor after only 4 moves.

  12. legendary tactic, attack your opponent with a cannon

    why is there a cannon in the first place

  13. My boii is casually teaching chess while canons are going off outside of his building…what a boss lol 😂😭

  14. The Mawashi Bind really is scary, especially since sumo wrestlers don't like losing in chess

  15. Im new and i subs when i find this was way more instructives than other videos

  16. 2:53 – LOL, it's so funny you get startled everyday still too!

  17. That's what you call a perfect explanation…it helped a lot, thank you!

  18. Great insights!
    1) Is there an easier way to find out games played in specific positions?
    2) Is there any book that you recommend for sicilian?

  19. Love your videos really much, they help me studying the theory

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  21. That cannon was some of jumpscare. Great video!!

  22. There is a canon in your town?! thats so cool !

  23. hello guys this guy is one of the best theory student on the internet . his study is indepth and very large. it may be difficult to extract the pgn tree of the repertoires so that you can train against them . but guess what i have do that for you . but guys you have to buy me lunch first please hit me up

  24. When you play d6, you transpose to the dragon variation, the whole point of the accelerated dragon variation is to push the d pawn 2 squares up to d5 all in one go instead of first playing d6 then d5 like in the dragon. So instead of playing d6 play d5.

  25. the cannon?!?!

    thanks for the lessons 😀

  26. FINALLY an explanation of the theory, not a '10 minute opening video', not example games only, not somebody's speed run… the actual plans and reasoning. Well done!

  27. Can anybody explain to me why at 8:00 the black pawn was taken with the knight giving up control of the e4 square when the bishop could have taken it instead?

  28. This opening makes me wanna delete the game and never play chess anymore lol

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