The French Guimard: Secret Weapon to the Tarrasch – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz looks at a little-known line within the Tarrasch Variation of the French. Learn about the Guimard Variation and its nuances. See a game from Hikaru Nakamura that demonstrates its effective usage.

Alexander Stripunsky vs Hikaru Nakamura, US Championship (2012): C04 French, Tarrasch, Guimard main line


  1. I like John’s videos ordinarily. Why are we covering people playing terrible chess moves? Ridiculous. I gave up after the first three minutes and discussion of three terrible moves by white.

  2. Not sure if anyone has mentioned the Urusov Gambit yet? Anyway, I'd love to see this covered.

  3. Isn´t black just wasting a tempo playing Nb5 and then back at 11 :58? I guess a more accurate move is f6, which leads to a very complicated game.

  4. Thunderbunny? 🙂

    Apparently named after Dan E. Mayers, whose nickname was "Thunderbunny" (and who in 1953 played a game against Fischer that was the latter's earliest recorded game).

  5. If this comment gets 100 likes I'll eat worms in my next video

  6. can you cover the nimzo – larsen attack (1.b3)?

  7. Jonathan making fun of Mike Kummer too, love it haha


  9. In 21:26 cannot White simply play Nc6 and win the Queen? Am I overseeing something?

  10. Drinking game. Every time Schrantz says "OK"

  11. @ 21:20, Nc6 wins queen after the pawn push kicks the Knight.

  12. Wow, this is a crazy opening and endgame. No wonder it took 45 minutes to get through. Very fun.

  13. Awesome! This secret hack line is actually very effective!

  14. Sir please make a video explaining the French Rubenstein variation.

  15. board on black side, calling positions one after another without the labels really mess up us poor casuals 😀

  16. Can you please explain how to play against this variation, please?

  17. Great explanation of a very unusual and interesting game.

  18. Nice. I would have lost both sides of that endgame.

  19. Thank u st louis chess club 4 those valuable lessons and great teachers…💯🇹🇹

  20. 12:10 if white prefers the bishop on d3, can’t they just play it back to d3 after c3 nc6. It doesn’t appear that white loses a tempo doing so

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