The Hippopotamus Defense is a Chess Opening for Kings!


The Hippopotamus Defense is a Chess Opening for Kings!

The Hippopotamus Defense is strong chess opening for black (and white) that works no matter what the opponent decides to play. We as Hippo Defense chess players simply do not need to worry about the crazy theory of the English Opening, London System, Ponziani Opening, or Vienna Game. This chess opening for black work against all of those setups, and is extremely easy to learn. On top of it being a good chess opening for beginners, we see Grandmasters playing the Hippo as well. This includes @GMHikaru, @GingerGM, and today’s video of @PowerPlayChess. Chess Grandmaster Daniel King shows off some great Hippo strategy, moves, themes, ideas, and principles in this instructive game. Whether you’ve been playing the Hippo for years, or are just heard of it today, we hope you enjoy this Hippopotamus Defense chess game!

Learn the Hippopotamus Defense Theory!

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  1. Been playing the hippo and have enjoyed it the possibilities it opens up. Great video

  2. After watching two videos on the hippo set up on the channel, I was able to use this opening alone to raise my rating from 1250 to 1420

  3. Great video, showing how the hippo can be a good attacking opening.

  4. After watching several videos about this opening I was able to move my ratings from 1215 to 1150. Thanks! 🤷🏼‍♂️

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