The Old Benoni | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Jim McLaughlin goes through a game between GMs Ildar Khairullin and Vadim Zvjaginsev. Due to having less space with black, this opening gets less play than its modern counterpart.



  1. Ben. Can you do a lecture on this.

  2. This has to be the same IM that has series of videos about the nimzowitch on his personal channel. That’s what I’ve been playing. Love this dude

  3. What happened with Jonathan Schrantz he's retired from chess teaching or what? He is the best teacher at all universe. Please come back. Chess openings explained ir YOUR JOB and all chess lessons.

  4. Hi, could anyone from the Saint Louis make a video about the Sicilian Kan?

  5. Hey, I would love to see a video on the catalan!

  6. Great video. Found it funny when he was delaying having to pronounce players' names – "this match was played in 2010, August 12 at 4pm, the weather was nice, Mars was aligned with Jupiter…" 🤣

  7. very nice instructor never seen him before. like!

  8. Fascinating explanations, deep strategic insights, all delivered in a completely understandable manner. Exceptionally well done because it held my attention for the entire lecture.

  9. I would suggest watching this video with 1.25x speed.

  10. ola bro estas haciendo conferencias o por esto del covit paraste? porque la verdad me interesa mucho y se nota que sabes mucho papi si podes pasarme la data joya porque me re interesa esto la verdad y despues decime si estas haciendo transferencias por zoom desde ya muchas grasias viejito te amo mucho

  11. I dont know whats older this defense or this instructor

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