The Old Indian Defense – Plans, Structures, Patterns, Variations · Chess Openings

The Old Indian Defense in detail – learn the plans, ideas, pawn breaks, attacking patterns, main issues, transpositions and theory.

00:00 Part 1: Introduction and pawn structure
12:28 Part 2: Difference between OID and KID bishops
16:44 Part 3: The main line with e4 for white
23:54 Part 4: White plays the Sämisch setup
34:45 Part 5: White plays the fianchetto setup
39:38 Part 6: White plays Bg5, e3
47:01 Part 7: The Ukrainian Variation
52:00 Part 8: The Czech Variation
55:48 Part 9: Janowski Variation
59:40 Part 10: If white doesn’t play c4

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  1. For easier navigation, you can find the PGN with all the variations imported on
    Just search for the Old Indian or type "openings" into the search bar and all that are available should be listed there.

  2. I come to croatia soon. where is beautiful to go?

  3. Can you provide a video on English opening

  4. Another opening! Could you remaster your Ruy Lopez series? You have improved your process in the last few years

  5. Waiting for English opening 🙁
    iirc, it was already in your to-do list. Can you make it after Old Indian ?

  6. Thank you for all your efforts
    The best chess channel ❤

  7. Will you improve your ruy lopez series as it has small amount of details not like the other series and it the opening that i need videos on the most

  8. THX ❤❤
    Fantastic 👍👍💪💪
    Next the OIA (old indian's attack) & compared with the KIA (king's indian attack) ?❤❤❤❤

  9. Thanks, Stjepan! When COVID got me playing much more chess again, I tried the Old Indian as my response to Queenside openings for a while before deciding the fianchettoed Benoni bishop suited my preferred style of play more.

  10. Thank you! I was curious about this a few weeks ago, wonderful guide!
    I like the new formats as well.

  11. Old Indian is my go-to when I am unsure – very solid and positional.

  12. Wow i thought you would never do video on openings

  13. Can anybody recommend me some chess openings? i am 800elo

  14. I like the Ukrainian a lot as black, it's a shame that the critical lines with Nf3 e4 weren't covered. There's a great piece of work on the Old Indian with a lot of theory on this line

  15. I really like the old sicilian, its a dynamic opening thay can morph into a Sicilian pawn structure or an aggressive e4 transposition depending on what you want.

  16. Hello Stjepan! You opening guides really helped me to rack up from 1000 to 2000 rating in a span of year

  17. One thing about this line is that 3. Nc3 allows e5 from black which is arguably innacurate from whites part. White really should play 3. Nf3 instead for this reason

  18. We want the english and ruy lopez next.

  19. I really enjoy this channel, but your opening series has especially helped me a lot. So thanks very much! Definitely earned a subscription.

  20. Can you do reti opening videos after d4 and c4?I would be thankful to you

  21. I just have to say the images you choose for your videos are amazing! 👌🏻

  22. its a lot of work, thank you very much

  23. Haven't seen the video in its entirety yet…watching it in small parts over many days (as I have other interests besides chess), but I wanted to thank you for doing it.

  24. Very good video sir, thank you. I am looking for fresh (or old yet decent) options vs 1.d4

  25. Old indian Is Good vs London sistem ?

  26. It would be great if you made a detailed video on the endgame line of the Old Indian as black scores unusually well in this line… after the early queen trade!

    Perhaps include a few instructive games!

  27. Great video and nice timestamps ❤❤❤❤❤

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