The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the Sicilian Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. What if not knowing and not playing the Sicilian Defense is the reason someone stay below 2000?

  2. Umm, been playing sicilian since I started and had no problems. Always fun games and I win a lot.
    Sicilian najdorf is my favourite.

    No reason why you need to be above 2000+. Levy says a lot of bs sometimes lmao.

  3. I have a 72% wins with this and I’m a 600

  4. Me: 1600 hearing him say "don't play siciliant untill you are 2000"
    Im gona pretend i didn't hear anything

  5. Me with 1000 ratings trying to expand my knowledge. After 2 minutes in this video, I'll doing the Caro Kann defence. Lol 😂

  6. Definitely talks to fast in these videos but he definitely knows what he’s talking about

  7. The 4 nights accepted Sicilian is one of my favorite openings.

  8. Started using the sicilian at 700 and now it's been going great. Now I'm at 1400 in a year

  9. Alright Im eating more than I can chew by watching this giant info dump

  10. Him: don't learn Sicilian unless you are 2000+ rated.
    Guys who failed to get an IIT:
    You can't stop us

  11. Me Stuck around 1000 want to finally have a good opening for black he: dont Play this until u are at least 2000

  12. My dumbass brain here at 300
    Im gonna do it anyway

  13. what about the lowenthal sicilian or is that the same as the classical?

  14. Man thank you for being honest about what strategies to be using or not using as a beginner/intermediate. It can get overwhelming trying to figure out what to play or not and it's nice to be able to narrow the list down by knowing you aren't good enough yet.

  15. in todays chess video you will be learning the sicillian defense. you should not play the sicillian defense. in todays video i will not be teaching you the sicillian defense. i think i covered pretty much everything here

  16. I started playing the sicilian at 650 and (as of typing this) I’m 847. It’s very true, I probably shouldn’t be playing this opening at all, it’s so complicated, but it’s just such a fun opening that opens up so much variation in your games, no matter how many times you play it. It’s by far my favourite opening out of every opening I know (including openings for white), and I just tend to play better using it. If you’re low rating like me and playing seriously competitive, use simpler openings that you can play better just to get your ranking up. However, if you just want to have fun (and potentially get very good, with risks of course) I definitely recommend this opening.

  17. I understand and respect the opinions of this video, but I will be playing the najdorf as a 400 from now on simply because of the name

  18. That old fck really just said to the girl to play sicillian defense💀

  19. ty for the nice video! I really need this to counter my Dada. . . Our school has a chess competition and my Dada is teaching me but his rating was higher than 2,000 back then, and I have never beaten him once, from our first game to even today. ALSO SUBCRIBED AND LIKED!!!

  20. why would he make this video just to tell us not to play it 😂

  21. i just play the london into the sicilian and it works out half the time

  22. every time I see someone play the sicilian my balls retract into my body

  23. Ok not for beginners , got it, brb after my 2k runs

  24. What a dumb thing to say, Ill never be 2000.

  25. as a 1300 i will be playing this not knowing wtf i’m meant to do

  26. I play the Sicilian at 650 because it makes no difference.

  27. If you can't handle the dragon, stay away from it or just go to him and see what happens.

  28. I’m at 450 elo and I’m jumping straight into the Sicilian to try to get away from the wayward queen set up. My hope is practice now, get familiar with the opening and all the nuance behind it and ride it out to the higher levels.

  29. Monopoly, the proper rules when if you land on an available property and it goes to auction if you choose. Go for orange as everyone goes to gaol at some point.

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