The Traxler Counter-Attack part 1 #shorts


  1. Or just u can give check with knight and win the queen

  2. After E4 checkmate? Why? King has lots of ways to run away

  3. How it's checkmate? It is only check right

  4. If they doesn't take the bishop then you are gone

  5. I play the Italian every chance I get. I definitely try to fork the rook and queen when I can. This sequence has happened to me a few times but I'm stubborn

  6. what does "basically checkmate" mean?

  7. It's a 60s video how much can he really explain?

  8. My friend who’s significantly better than me tried this against me and lost in 6 moves, I’m rated like 400-500 and he’s rated 900 so

  9. Instead of Nxf7, play Bxf7+ and then pull out to d5 or b3.

  10. Tell me you have rizz without telling me you have rizz

  11. This mf is the next world rapid champion😂

  12. Honestly instead of Countergambiting the Bishop, after Ng5 just play d5, threatening the Bishop. After exd5, instead of playing Nxd5 (which is losing after Qf3 or Nxf7) play Na5, threatening to take the Bishop unless it abandons the important diagonal.

  13. "Basically checkmate" did you forget that the king can move?

  14. What happens if G2, G3 pawn block instead of Queen blocking? Sorry Im new still learning

  15. Stop it I play the Italian game and your ruining me.

  16. The king wouldn’t capture the bishop the knight would capture the queen

  17. NOOOOO!! Stop sharing the Traxler! It's how I munch fried liver people.

  18. This is a bad opening for black if white knows how to avoid it, just play bf7 with check and you can then just slide it back and play up a pawn

  19. Ok so in most cases I’m the white piece isn’t there any way to defend it

  20. There are so many ways this doesn't succeed.

  21. Or they just play Bxf7 instead of Nxf7 and your entire opening failed

  22. It's not check mate king can move on kd3

  23. Every single time i play Bc5 the opponent plays Bf7+

  24. In first time it is not checkmate

  25. him: the italian game
    me: fried lafy(liver) opening

  26. For white. When black sets the bishop on f5, take with bishop (check), black loses castling rights, then retreat and insist with the knight. If black takes on c2, don't take it, instead move the king to c1 and end all shenanigans.

  27. Fun fact: saying fun fact makes people read your comment

  28. What is the best move is after playing Nf6 you opponent plays Nc3?

  29. Yeah but for playing the Traxler you need to know a lot of theory if the opponent dont blunder.

  30. Basically checkmate?! You got atleast 3 more moves.

  31. My main opening for white is the Italian. There was one time I got mated because of the Traxler. I then learn that I shouldn't take the bishop.

  32. "Its basically checkmate after d5"
    E3 and D3: really

  33. Basically checkmate is definetely not a checkmate

  34. I tried this and my opponent didn't capture the bishop, I couldn't unblock my queen and ended up loosing both the bishop and the rook 😂

  35. can u make how to counter traxler counterattack?

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