The Traxler Counter-Attack part 1 #shorts


  1. White King moves to F1 without cutting bishop. What happens?

  2. Then the mf I be playing plays the vicious, and devious


  3. How is it basically checkmate after d5..?

  4. In the first position, the only saving move is Bxd5, which makes it -4.5 eval with the moves Qf4+, Kd3 forced, Qd4+ which forks the bishop and king, Ke2 forced, then Qxd5 only winning move forward black, then if he tries to save the knight with Ng5, it loses to Qxg2+ and fork of the king and knight winning you 4 more points of material. Check replies for the king moves

  5. I am playing this for 7 years now. This line brought me to chess. It will be a 2 hour webinar if I analysis from my experience

  6. I just play against this counter attack the best move probably not talking the bishop or after taking the bishop moving king next to the rook and bring your queen out

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