The Voracious Winawer: Part 1 – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz begins to cover the Winawer Variation of the French Defence. There are many sidelines here; can they all be covered?

Jordi Ayza Ballester vs Andres Rodriguez Vila, VIII Sants Open (2006): C17 French, Winawer, advance, Bogolyubov variation

Konstantin Landa vs Arcadia Naiditsch, French Team Championship (2013): C17 French, Winawer, advance, Bogolyubov variation

Fabiano Caruana vs Samuel Shankland, US Chess Championships (2016): C19 French, Winawer, advance, poisoned pawn variation


  1. Truly only a super gm can play a “semi triangulative move”

  2. @MithrilJack Are you implying the Winawer isn't always truthful?

  3. Hey you! Yeah you, have a nice day! 😀

  4. In the french defense, Black surrenders the entire center and protests white's control of the center later. :^)

  5. Plz cover caro-can advaned variation or sicilian kan variation …..

  6. I look forward to Julian's return from China more than part 2 🙂

  7. Please more content from jonathan … Love ya Jon .. Nohomo

  8. The multi-part series are great! Do as many as you want man.

  9. Next could you do the Sicilian Kan, or rossolimo? I can't find a lot on YouTube about these positions and they come up often when I play.

  10. You didn't cover the very important and somewhat popular 4. a3 for white. Also, 7. … Kf8 is an interesting sideline that at least deserves to be mentioned.

  11. the poisoned pawn sounds good… i enjoy the multi-sessioned classes, too-

  12. Could you explain the Sicilian Defense: Morphy Gambit? thanks

  13. i like the way you teach … im a 1500+ player on my way 2 greatness tku

  14. Jonathan Schrantz please go over the dark knight system. 1.. e4 Nc6 and 1.. d4 Nc6.
    if there is leftover time, please go over 1.. Nf3 Nc6 and 1.. c4 Nc6

  15. Will you please do the f4 nimzo next? Pleaaaase?

  16. hi jonathan, love your lectures! can you make another episode on the benko gambit? id love to see more veriations in this opening

  17. Hi! Really been enjoying these crash courses in openings. Your video on the Yugoslav attack changed my game. I'm a low rated player (creeping into the high 1300s) so something that would be awesome is if you could do a series about beating weak openings for example The Steinitz Defense 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 and how to play the Sicilian when White doesn't play d4. It's supposed to be really bad, but I can't seem to crack it. Also, a lot of people seem to want the nimzovich

  18. At 30:35 into the video, after B x h7 + … K x B, then Qg5, …Bd7 ??? Why not …Nf5?

  19. At 15:30, isnt just ….Rxe6 winning or am I missing something? Is it necessary to take the f5 pawn with the knight?

  20. [19:25] is joke of the century. "After this it's a complete draw. The computer will tell you 0.00"

  21. why not Re6 directly?instead of NF5

  22. These videos are just sooo good! Im in my 30s now, used to play tournaments during school and uni, and back the it was so hard to learn theory; we were happy to get ahold of a chess magazine every now and then and that was it. Now you are providing such deep insights on so many openings; I m probably not playing any tournaments soon, but still very fun to watch. Thanks for the video and best regards from Chile.

  23. Very good explanation and fun to watch ! Thank you 🙂

  24. Instead of Nxf5 winning, it seems Rxe6 is quicker

  25. You motivated me to try the Winawer, I don't know that it's for me but great job either way.

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