Top 10 Chess Openings for Black Against d4!

Top 10 Chess Openings for Black Against d4!

In today’s chess opening video, we cover the best chess openings for black against d4! There are many different chess openings black can play based on style and preparation. Knowing these chess openings can help you improve at chess quickly, win at chess fast, and win against d4!

0:00 Introduction
00:08 Dutch Defense
2:18 Slav Defense / Semi-Slav Defense
3:49 Old Benoni Defense
7:28 Benoni Defense
9:02 Benko Gambit
12:54 Nimzo-Indian Defense
14:30 Bogo-Indian Defense
17:33 Queen’s Indian Defense
19:14 King’s Indian Defense
21:44 Grunfeld Defense


Dutch Defense –
Slav Defense/Semi-Slav Defense –
Old Benoni Defense –
Benoni Defense –
Benko Gambit –
Nimzo-Indian Defense –
Bogo-Indian Defense –
Queen’s Indian Defense –
King’s Indian Defense –
Grunfeld Defense –

1. Dutch Defense –

The Dutch Defense is a strong chess opening for black with a long history. It is very similar to the Bird’s Opening, with black being able to fianchetto and attack the center of the board, or attack the kingside in Grand Prix Attack type fashion. This is a good beginner chess opening as it is easy to learn and simple to play.

2. Slav Defense/Semi-Slav Defense –

The Slav Defense is very similar to the Colle-Zukertort Attack, except as black against d4. The Slav Defense is a top tier chess opening for black because of its good strategy, ideas, moves, principles, theory, tricks, traps, lines, and variations. The Slav Defense is very easy to play and can help black achieve great results against d4.

3. Old Benoni Defense –

The Old Benoni is one of my personal favorites. The amount of tricks and traps in the Old Benoni are off the charts, which make it fun to play. It is also a rare chess opening for black against d4, which is part of the reason it is so dangerous. Oftentimes, the d4 player wants a calm and quiet game. Well, the Old Benoni throws any thought of calm in the first move, as we put immediate pressure on white’s center and look to gain attacking chances.

4. Benoni Defense –

The Benoni Defense is a top tier chess opening that can help you improve and win at chess fast. The Benoni is also one of the hardest chess openings for the d4 player to go against. The chess opening principles, chess opening strategy, and chess opening theory of the Benoni is second to none. It takes time to learn the lines and variations, but white won’t know what is coming it’s way!

5. Benko Gambit –

The Benko Gambit is a fascinating mixture of both attacking chess and positional chess. In one sense, we are trying to win the game fast by using checkmate traps. However, if white plays the chess opening perfectly, that is completely okay! We go down a pawn on purpose, but in return, gain an advantage in pawn structure and endgame chances as our pieces are much more active. The Benko Gambit is one of the best chess openings for black against d4!

6. Nimzo-Indian Defense –

The Nimzo-Indian Defense is a solid chess opening for black against d4 which guarantees black a playable middlegame position. The Nimzo-Indian doesn’t look to use any chess opening traps, but instead utilize good chess opening strategy. It is important to focus on pawn structure, chess strategy, and chess endgames when playing the Nimzo-Indian

7. Bogo-Indian Defense –

The Bogo-Indian Defense is very similar to the Nimzo-Indian, and is good for the positional chess player who loves using chess opening strategy. It’s less important to memorize this system and more important to understand the positions and piece movements that come about.

8. Queen’s Indian Defense –

The Queen’s Indian Defense is one of the best chess opening systems for black against d4, and is simply a top tier chess opening. It is a good chess opening for intermediate players as it gives black fighting chances and doesn’t allow an easy game for the d4 player.

9. King’s Indian Defense –

The King’s Indian Defense is the one of the most aggressive chess openings for black against d4. Hikaru Nakamura himself has used it to great success as he understands the chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, and chess opening principles which make it one of the best chess openings against d4.

10. Grunfeld Defense –

The Grunfeld is a hypermodern chess opening, as we purposely give white the center but then lock that center in as a target. The moves, strategy, ideas, tricks, traps, theory, lines, tactics, and principles make the Grunfeld a top tier chess opening for black!

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