Top 10 Chess Openings

The most common question I get asked is the top chess openings a player should learn in chess so I thought I’d create a video to answer that question. In semi-order we have:

10. Slav Defense
9. London System
8. Caro Kann
7. Fried Liver Attack
6. French Defense
5. Ruy Lopez
4. Nimzo-Indian Defense
3. King’s Gambit
2. Sicilian Defense
1. Queen’s Gambit


  1. It gets weirder when you (the viewer) are really good with the game; except your openings are stupid.

  2. Please make top 10 best defensive opening since i am a passive player

  3. That fried liver attack is ruthless, been trying it out today – seems to cause a lot of panic for people that presumably don't know the opening.

  4. Im proud that i managed to learn chess all by myself 🥰

  5. Queen’s Gambit made me want to get good in chess

  6. That's some shitty openings!
    Caro-kann, French, Slav, Kings Gambit, ….
    It's a list of the worst openings availble!

  7. Especially now with that damn show out there hahaha.

  8. in real no opponent reacts to the openings like in the examples lol. at least not at 700-800 lvl

  9. I had no idea Chess was so formulaic. I thought it was more about the strategy of the player, but after watching a few videos like this, it just feels like people memorizing orders to move pieces around on a board just to feel smug about it.

  10. 0:55 Slav Defense (vs D4)
    1:37 London System (D4)
    2:24 Caro Kann (vs E4)
    3:01 Fried Liver Attack (E4)
    4:08 French Defense (vs E4)
    4:59 Ruy Lopez (E4)
    5:47 Nimzo-Indian Defense (vs D4)
    6:33 King's Gambit (E4)
    7:48 Sicilian Defense (vs E4)
    8:45 Queen's Gambit (D4)

  11. Relaxed Spots to Drink Beeer and Weeed says:

    Bro why you moved the Horse if you didn’t have space to make the L move !!!!????!

  12. This is really cool.I am learning new moves out all the time.

  13. I’m 1400 and I don’t know any openings 😂 I thought these were logical and not memorizing

  14. best discovery i made with chess was having the horses by the sides

  15. What if the white moves his pawn to c5, that doesn't look like a good opening for black?

  16. These openings are great to know; two moves (from a beginner’s perspective) doesn’t show how black progresses, what’s the next step… 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Stafferd defence is one of the strongest

  18. the fried liver is a variation not opening

  19. Double Queen pawn openings tend to be drawish and mundane.

  20. Just learn e4 openings Italian game, Rui Lopez, Scotch game; d4 openings Russian, and few more; then learn e4 and d4 defense as black: caro kann, french, Sicilian, slav, etc. Finally learn some wing opening and defense.

  21. 6:45 You said "Knight to f4" in king's gambit I think you were suppose to say "pawn to f4"

  22. im so bad at chess, because i dont want to take the time to learn it, and i make my moves after 10seconds of "thinking"
    …and yet i still think ill figure it out
    i am a dumbass

  23. Someone just fore fire bombed NY chess game molotov behind chair after I took a pawn

  24. Soo kings gambit u moved Pawn to F4 but u said Knight

  25. Watched the Queen's Gambit. Now I'm here

  26. I just don't get how these openings are strategic and I can't seem to find a video that actually explains how to choose your moves. I don't just want to copy

  27. I'm confused about how these openings are different depending on the orientation of the board.. or does it not matter? I'm trying to think about it and just confusing myself

  28. with the fried liver attack, after they take your horse with their king and then you move your queen out, cant they just move their king right back to where it started and then you just lost a knight for no reason? What if your opponent doesn't follow these moves?

  29. I really loved to see the FLA openings, so I wanted to try it. Time has come and OMG 🙂 THX

  30. Thanks for the ideas, nice job! Ive been playing the hippo exclusively for both sides this week, raised my rapid and daily, and 5 out of six wins in daily tourneys this week, well above 60 percent win rate…i am cureently at 41% before this week with other openings, VERY noticeable improvement…and far fewer blunders than gambit style openings i was playing. Plus, they usually do not know what to do, I just setup, and wait for them to blunder.
    Im only 800 or so rated in rapid, 1000 in daily, 1600 in puzzles with almost 5000 rated puzzles played, and have been playing two months, coming upon 300 games.
    Good luck everybody!

  31. Why do people trade their knight for a pawn. The king kills the knight and can go back to where it was. Makes no sense to me

  32. Whichever opening i choice i find knight attack very hard to defend

  33. I think for beginners you should play Ruy Lopez , Queens Gambit , The Sicilian defense and Kings Indian. I may not be correct but my thoughts on openings for beginners is that.

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