Top 5 POWERFUL and UNKNOWN Opening Traps | Ask Me Anything

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🔹 5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Queen’s Gambit –
🔹 1.b3 Chess Opening for White (More POWERFUL Than You Think!) –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the 5 most powerful and unknown chess opening traps. These are really sound traps which means that you will play really good moves while setting the trap, so even if your opponent doesn’t fall for the trap, you would still have a great position.

The traps are from a variety of chess openings including the Queen’s Gambit, the Old Benoni Defense, the London System, and more.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Chess Traps to WIN Fast
00:20 Thank you, 200K subscribers!
00:41 Ask Me Anything & Giveaway
01:44 Trap-1.1: Queen’s Gambit
02:40 Trap-1.2: Old Benoni Defense
04:16 Trap-2: London System
07:20 Trap-3.1: Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack
11:26 Trap-4: Against strong opponents
13:36 Trap-5: Against 1…b6

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  1. Whats the fastest way to win if you're playing whites and your opponent is mirroring your moves ?

  2. The trouble with all if these options is that my opponent never plays like he’s supposed to.

  3. Hellow I like learn you chess.please make next video mora Gambit.

  4. Practices GM'S do before and during tournaments 🤔

  5. Thank you. I am following ur channel since last few days and the videos are find and extremely helpful. I will b glad if u giveaway that all in one pack to me lol.

  6. How I improved my chess gameplay and get rating 2000+ please guide me thanks

  7. Regrettably too late for the chance to win but, thanks so much for the content. Fantastic job👍

  8. Your strength is not just in your professionalism but your interesting streaming style too 😎👍
    Thank you for your most valuable FREE you tube clips 🤝👌

  9. Thank you Igor for your Giddens, I think my game has improved a lot!

  10. Your videos on chess help me a lot to learn chess openings and tactics.

  11. The Black Lion and The El Shad are very similar Black Defenses: can you describe when you commit to one or the other, thanks.

  12. Sir can you please explain the pirc defense in detail and the traps in pirc defence. Any books do you suggest for pirc defense.

  13. hello Igor, 50 years ago I ve played chess for the last time try to win from my father, now I am 63 yrs old and I ve found a neighbor whom is a good player. I ve try to beat him but its soooo difficult 🙂 how can I win from a pro ? when I have a nice setup he just give some pieces away and destroyed my setup. Kind regards Antonie

  14. Hello Igor, I have always wondered (playing white) if it is a good idea to move Pa3 early to preempt black's bishop or knight from moving there in the future. Would a very early move there change the game significantly? Or would it be a mistake to move there until necessary?

  15. Sir am from the Philippines and I enjoyed your lecture. How much is your super pack books , or your tutorial?

  16. The absolute best and most giving chess teacher on line. Thank you, Sir.

  17. at 10:30 you say checks are over – but what about Qg5+ for white?

  18. You're my favorite chess content creator. My daughter just joined her chess team at school and I am eager to introduce her to your videos. You rock Igor, and have a huge fan in SC!

  19. good evening sir
    can you tell trpas with e4

  20. How can i destroy someone's game with this opening

    Black e5
    Black Nf6
    Whats the best move for white

  21. After 6 months,you gained 100k. That's 34% increase of current subscribers. wow! What a great channel! Every video has it's own quality

  22. I wasn't expecting that queens evil move

  23. At 10:23 you say, "… and now the checks are over." But can't Black move his queen to h5 and continue the checking?

  24. Greate teacher, keep the good work up🥰

  25. Hi, these videos are helping a lot I feel way more confident about winning a tournament!

  26. The best beginning powered move of black

  27. Grats on 200k. Keep it up. Jealous of whoever wins the super packs.

  28. Hi, Igor. Your variations and combinations in chess help me to understand not only how to play better, but get me think deeper, about philosophy of the game. Thank you.

  29. You are awesome Igor . Enjoy your tutorials ❤️.

  30. Love your channel man. I literally LOL every day watching the mind blowing moves…. appreciate it!

  31. Small mistake probably – it should be 1O:22 Kd8 instead of Ke7.

  32. After check over how moves black queen again it's white move

  33. After check over how again black queen move it's whites move

  34. And black queen moves at except D7 it's e8 is safe move

  35. I really got helped by the way you teach chess, since I checked all your stratengy i am winning lots of games.

  36. What are your kitty’s favorite openings?

  37. Hi Igor, even though it is through the game of chess the work you are doing to improve tens of thousands people's chess games is truly outstanding. Really really amazing. There are extremely few people who can,individually, make such a positive difference to the world. Very well done. God has blessed you in abundance!!

  38. What is the best line for black against Roy Lopez ? Thanks our best coach ❤

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