Top 5 POWERFUL and UNKNOWN Opening Traps | Ask Me Anything

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🔹 5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Queen’s Gambit –
🔹 1.b3 Chess Opening for White (More POWERFUL Than You Think!) –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the 5 most powerful and unknown chess opening traps. These are really sound traps which means that you will play really good moves while setting the trap, so even if your opponent doesn’t fall for the trap, you would still have a great position.

The traps are from a variety of chess openings including the Queen’s Gambit, the Old Benoni Defense, the London System, and more.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Chess Traps to WIN Fast
00:20 Thank you, 200K subscribers!
00:41 Ask Me Anything & Giveaway
01:44 Trap-1.1: Queen’s Gambit
02:40 Trap-1.2: Old Benoni Defense
04:16 Trap-2: London System
07:20 Trap-3.1: Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack
11:26 Trap-4: Against strong opponents
13:36 Trap-5: Against 1…b6

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  1. Can you please send me all tactics name?

  2. ¡Felicitaciones a Academia de Ajedrez a Distancia! Felicitaciones, Maestro Smirnov por el gran éxito alcanzado, fruto de un concienzudo trabajo. Mi pregunta es la siguiente: cuando estamos estudiando alguna de las lecciones de los cursos, o entrenando con los ejercicios de las lecciones, ¿conviene jugar luego del estudio y entrenamiento, o debemos abstenernos de jugar alguna partida? Y, en el caso de que no convenga jugar después de entrenar y estudiar, ¿cuándo o cada cuánto podemos jugar? Muchas gracias por la respuesta.

  3. IGOR love the material! here is my question. I have 30 minutes a day to study chess not play chess, what is the best use of that time? what would be a good plan

  4. Good job for all your videos Igor ! My question is : do you think it's better to play 1e4 than 1.d4 to go from 2100 elo to 2300+ elo (to beat stronger players with white) ? Thank you for the answer Igor 🙂

  5. Igor…I'll add my thanks to chorus of thanks to you for your amazing teaching abilities and your willingness to share that with all 200K of us!! Thank you so much for your kindness in doing so!!

    I do have a question for you, although I apologize for how broad of a question it is. I am an older, 1600 rated player who hopes to someday be a 2000 level player. But I don't begin to have a systematic way to go about improving. I am somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of material available on line to learn chess, but without a day-in day-out planned method of learning, I am disorganized with how I go having a persistent and systematic way of improving. . Basically, I think that my predicament is shared by many other chess players at my level. So, I wonder……

    Broadly speaking, how does one (who has financial limitations but lots of time) go about improving? What is the "ratio" of learning tools? Should my daily focus be on playing (then analyzing) games? Do I need to play daily to improve? How frequently should I be working on chess puzzles? Should I focus on learning one or two openings that apply to many chess openings, or rather should I learn several common openings that are frequently played? Should one focus on learning openings that work both for black and white, or work on specialized openings that apply more either to black or white? Does it matter if I play a mix of rapid, bullet and daily games, or is it ok to choose one of these (such as daily) and focus there? Are there already published methods on the internet for a player at my level that specifically address how one chooses a "method" to learn by? If one were to spend an hour or two daily playing chess, how should this time be allocated? Playing? Learning" Memorizing? On Openings…or middle games…or end games? With so many variables, I am sure that there is no "one-size fits all" approach, but is there an approach to learning that will be right for many intermediate players?

    Sorry for the broadness of my question. Regardless of this, thank-you again for all your hard work and your generosity in sharing it!! Here's hoping that more and more chess lovers will discover your site and benefit from your lessons as much as so many of us have. Best wishes to you for continued success!!!!


  6. Can I train my self from almost all the chess books in the world and analyze my games and participate in tournaments and become a grandmaster?

  7. Can you do a video on the Sicilian Ginsberg gambit?

  8. Tank you for all your videos. To improve at chess, how much time to spend playing and how much to learn or study?

  9. Is there anyone you consider your greatest rival (like Karpov and Kasparov) and who is it?


  11. That is just amazing good work bro I really appreciate that

  12. On the openings that your are most familiar with (and use most of the time), how many moves do you have memorized because you already know they are the best moves? (i.e., up to 5 moves each for black and white)

  13. In trap 1,1 of qgd what if the opponent defend the pawn by bishop ??
    Please answ3r

  14. Hello Igor, my question what is the firat title and much time its takes to get to the title.

  15. 📢 UPDATE: The 3 lucky winners of the giveaway are Peter, John, and Adam. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated and showed their love and support to the RCA channel! ❤

  16. Sir,can you make a videos about ALPHAZERO?♟️♟️♟️♟️

  17. Hi Igor, what was your favourite computer game when you were young?

  18. Методија Анѓелкоски says:

    So far You are so far the best Igor.
    Keep it up.

  19. Sir you're my best chess coach. Keep it up, I'm your biggest fan.

  20. Hi GM Igor, this comment is regarding my 9 year old son. He is obsessed with chess and your videos are like breakfast to him 😅. He has gained so much by watching your videos. I really want him to go to next level. Your materials would be of great value to him. Please keep sharing more videos.

  21. The most powerful wizard in the world says:

    For the Q and A I have been playing the Sicilian defense as black and have not had much success do you recommend any other openings for black

  22. First of all Contrast's. So in this video ,at 16:11(trap 3.1) what about if Queen jumped into G5 to check black's King again? and how can Black play the next moves to survive from this attack. thank you.

  23. I m n beginner pls help me how I increase my rating.i stucked at 1250 avg .it look likes that I miss something sometimes I win against 1400-1500rating and sometimes I lose against 700-900 .want to become a good rating player

  24. Sir how can I read chess books they seem confusing and also how can I get a fide ID

  25. Thanks sir I have increased about 600 to my rating in about 1 month

  26. Congrats. You deserve more subs! Thanks for your videos I've improved my gameplays.
    Hope you have more lessons to come ❤❤

  27. Congrats for 200K. You will get 1M next year. I'm a Legends League club member currently at 1300 rapid and puzzle,1100 blitz and 1000 bullet thanks to your e4 tactics and guide. I'm currently struggling with my mistakes and theory knowledge and need a way to get better. 2022 candidate match is on the road. Sir who do you think will challenge Magnus Carlson besides Ding Liren.

  28. Please show a grob opening in GM match…was happened

  29. I like your channel , I hope to get a good plane to develop up. Thank you GM Igor

  30. As a beginner (~1,000 Elo), how would you recommend splitting my learning time? I try and do some puzzles every day, watch videos online (you, Agadmator, Danya, Levy, Rosen, etc) and play matches online. Should I focus more on playing and studying the games afterwards or focus on openings, tactics, etc? What time control(s) would you recommend at my level?

  31. Hello Grandmaster Smirnoff, I wonder what you feel is your best achievement in chess, firstly as a player and secondly as a coach. Thanks for your wonderful videos.

  32. I really like how you explain with simple words many complicated variations.

  33. Your channel easily has the potential to get to 1 million subs .

  34. Watching your lessons in concentrated way. Found amazing.
    Wanna teach my 7yrs daughter to master the chess but she's just statred learning the basics. Can you please provide content for kids too?
    will be much thankful for it.

  35. I do enjoy these more unusual trappy videos; they're not the 'run-of the-mill' traps that some videos show, and they're always entertaining. P.S. I love the cat.

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