Top 6 Checkmate TRAPS | Chess Opening Tricks to Win Fast

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 6 highly effective chess opening traps that lead to a quick checkmate. These traps work both against beginners and advanced-level opponents.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 6 Quick Checkmate Traps
00:09 Trap-1 against the Dutch Defense
00:56 Trap-2 in Two Knights Defense, Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit
02:53 Trap-3 in Two Knights Defense, Fritz Variation
04:00 Trap-4 in Ponziani Opening
06:09 Trap-5 in Rousseau Gambit (Italian Game)
07:35 Trap-6 against Sicilian Defense (Sveshnikov)
09:03 Puzzle of the day: Can you find the win?

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  1. 9:08 I know this opening trap
    Qxd4 black is losing no matter what they play
    but if Nxd4 Nf6+ Kf8 Bh6#

  2. I hope that l can speak English very well to thank you alot from my heart you are a gift and the best


    1. Qd4 (black must take or lose a piece)

    1… Nd4

    2. Nf6+

    2… Kf8 ( king slides )

    3. Bh6#
    if 1…. Rg8 (same combination of steps continues). Nf6+ and Bh6#
    if 1…. Rf8 Nf6# ( checkmate immediately.
    if 1…. Nd5 or Nf5 ( Qh8 #)
    if 1…..Ng8 (Qh8 threatens Qg8# mate or wins queen. )

  4. This puzzle was in one of the first Chess videos I’ve ever watched and made me try the english opening, of course it’s Qxd4, Nxd4, Nf6+, Kf8, Bh6#, beautiful stuff

  5. Solution to puzzle: Nf6 ch Kf8 (forced) Bh6 mate.

  6. 1. Qd4 wins. If 1. . . Nd4 2.Nf6; Kf8 3. Bh6

  7. What if in the first opening the black player plays pawn to g6 instead of Nf6 after you played Qd3?

  8. 1.Qxd4 Nxd4; 2Nf6+ Kf8; 3.Bh6#; A wonderful puzzle!

  9. You know what……thank you (me that has been brought this far in the game by you)

  10. I needed that trap against the Dutch! Thanks for another great video GM.

  11. Trapping your opponent usually doesn't work and leaves you with a worse position / material than if you just played your usual game.

  12. Qxd4, Nxd4 due to threat against rook with check, Nf6+, Kf8, Bh6#

  13. Sac the Queen with 1. Qxd4 and if …Nxd4, then boom…
    2. Nf6+ – Kf8 and 3. Bh6#

  14. Qxd4 if knight takes then knight f6+ after King moves bh6 checkmate

    2nd option if king castles instead then knight g4+ discovered check knight takes and then knight h6+ king moves and then bf6 checkmate

  15. Bro sneaked magnus and tinder at the same time 😃

  16. Queen sacrifice: Qxd4. If Nxd4, then Nf6+ and after Kf8 Bh6#. After Qxe4 there are few other options: nxd5 does not work because of Qxh8#. After o-o Nf6+ Kh8 Nh6+ and after Nxd4 or f6 Bf6#. Qxd4 f5 (even f6) Qh8+ Kf7 Qf6+ and white looses, too

  17. I really have no interest in quick mates. But this was great fun and for the first time, I understood everything a split second earlier than told. Thanks

  18. Queen sacrifice xd4. If Black takes, it's mate in two, if not, it's massive loss of material.

  19. Intuition says sacrifice queen on D4, then knight f6+, king moves f8 and h6#.
    But there might be some tricks if they don't capture the queen, but my gut has served me well so far so that's my answer 😀

  20. Your shirt looks like someone tried to capture you with a net

  21. THANKS, Igor, for the videos my chess game has improved with these tactical moves and openings . Much appreciated

  22. Thanks for the content! I notice in the counter attacks for the fried liver, white never has their b knight on c3. I'm assuming the main line is best if they do?

  23. Hey Igor, I really enjoy watching your videos and must tell you are picking up new ideas and bringing them to live! Wish to see to some attacking moves for white even in the main line with … Na5 6. Lb5+ c6 7. dxc6 bxc6 8. Le2…..
    Or even a new plan to avoid the main stuff, leading to very hard defensive for a single pawn.
    Greetings from Frankfurt!

  24. Another great video. Added bonus (best line ever!): "You gotta be active like Magnus Carlson using Tinder, you gotta check for potential mates." Awesome.

  25. 3,05 in the video i try to play this trap, but the other player did move C2 to C3 against my horse and after thet thing went down what shoul i have done? After C3 where could my horse go? I did take on D5 with my other horse not the best move…. any advice? Thanks:)

  26. not too hard the puzzle.. 1. Qxd4 Nxd4 2. Nf6+ Kf8 3. Bh6++

  27. GM IgorSmirnov you are a best chess teacher for me, i improved my game against opponent. I see regular Your game analysis.

  28. Puzzle solution
    Qxd4 0-0 Nf6+ Kh8 Ng4+ Nxd4 Bf6+ Kg8 Nh6#

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