TOP 8 BEST Chess Openings

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0:00 Intro and White Openings
13:45 Black Openings

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  1. I played that first one and the first game and got smoked. He brought his queen out

  2. Bro chess is so hard for me I have no idea what I’m doing at all can’t even beat 250 Martin if I play him 10 times I maybe win 3. I have no idea what’s going on no idea what to do after getting 2 pawns and 2 knights to the center, move the bishop out, castle king then I’m stuck

  3. play against 1000 elo and explain they re error. very useful video. continue like that!!!!!

  4. 6:23 this not gonna happend he's gonna take ur horse and end the play

  5. If only bots would let you play these openings

  6. I don't like my two knights and bishops undeveloped in the beginning of a Chess game

  7. This video helped me a lot… just went on a run

  8. Hey lvy, so i studied every gambit and defense in this video + every line, so my question is do i need to see more lines and veriations? For the caro-kann maybe? Or i will be good with the lines u gave?

  9. 75percent? Wow didn’t think I lost that much!

  10. anyone that takes the pawn with the queen instead of going knight f6 in scandanavian deserves to lose smh my head

  11. I don't understand why in the second variation, we leave our knight and queen so open. I mean.. they can easily be captured right? Why would black play any other move?

    I'm new to chess and would love if someone would explain this

  12. Any opening that requires pining a knight too queen just wont work, nobody gonna move a bishoop over the pawn

  13. i am a noob at chess this really improved my game skills

  14. I put the queen at the horse pal 9000 pushed the pawn forward i guess il die then

  15. What happens in caro if white doesnt play d4 after

  16. I use the Vienna (gambit or frankenstein-dracula) on white, and sicilian dragon/ kings indian on black

  17. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    John 3:16

  18. how do i remember these openings while also balancing it out with school and other stuff should i just keep replaying the time stamps every game until its burnt into my head or is there a trick?

  19. The sequence you showed in the second part seems unlikely. When you move your bishop out to C4, the opponent could respond with queen to b4, forking your knight and bishop. If you move your pawn up to d3 to protect the bishop, your opponent could move their queen to C5, again threatening your bishop and knight while protecting the c7 pawn (and their rook by proxy) from your knight. At that point, your plan goes poof because their queen would be between your knight and where you planned to put your queen and thereby able to gobble your queen up if you were silly enough to still try to follow through.

  20. they aint joking when you rly have to use extreme memory for chess

  21. What do you do if, due to the copycat variation after Vienna, you go to take the g7 pawn with queen, and then get threatened with the trade by enemy queen moving to f6 to block you off? Hope someone can help! @GothamChess

  22. 'Black openings' sounds kinda racist.

    also 1010th comment

  23. After watching for 20 min he says u don't need to listen to me 🤣

  24. levy, I am playing Pirc-Indian Defense against e4 so is it good or….

  25. Just watched this whole video to get better and hop in some games. First game my opponent plays bongcloud opening.

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