Top 9 Aggressive Chess Defenses

Even as black, you can be extremely aggressive in your chess games. This is my list of the top 9 aggressive chess opening defenses. Let me know what your favorite aggressive openings are.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – #9 Dragon Defense
1:49 – #8 Falkbeer Counter Gambit
2:48 – #7 Nimzo-Indian Defense
3:40 – #6 Icelandic Gambit
5:00 – #5 Schliemann Gambit
5:54 – #4 Latvian Gambit
6:42 – #3 Rousseau Gambit
7:24 – #2 Stafford Gambit
8:30 – #1 Traxler Counter Attack


  1. Thank you for inspiring me for playing a black piece, I am originally playing dragon defense on white ngl

  2. The Stafford let's you have double pawns which sometimes is not Bueno

  3. Still waiting for my star to rise in this game….

  4. I prefer the traxler counter attack or the albin counter gambit. Still learning the Stafford gambit

  5. No offense but hikaru and levy rozman hate the Latvian Gambit. They think itz straight up losing

  6. For White: Smith-Morra Gambit against the Sicilian is a dangerous opening to meet!
    For Black: Sicilian Najdorf is up there as one of the most aggressive openings!

  7. Hate to say this but I disagree that the dragon sicilian is aggro for black because at 1:46 all white needs to do is play f4 and then e5 and the knight is trapped. Chess vibes made a video on traps in this defence today coincidently. Nice vid anyway 👍 here is chessvibes vid:

  8. Just asking about london system, I lost too much playing it, I do so well in the opening but I always lose it in the middle game, any tips ? I am begginer 900elo

  9. Stafford gambit on Kevin’s channel
    Eric Rosen: Oh no my queen

  10. The Sicilian Dragon variations are my favourite strategic openings as black.

  11. Hey Kevin! Can you do a video on the Lucchini Gambit and the Rousseau Gambit? These are some of my favorite gambits, but no one posts really good videos on them. I really love your style of teaching chess!

  12. The sequel nobody asked for but everybody wanted

  13. Scandinavian modern is such an underrated opening . Not just the Icelandic but most of the lines black gets and immediate kingside attack , especially in what I call the “knight trade line” which seems to be the most common non gm response which is 3nc3 nxn nxn qxn . The only difficult line for black is 3D4 where probably he is best off transposing back to the Qxd5 line rather than going for an alekheine type set up.

  14. i am trying out the Traxler counter attack as main line against the italian. I have lines ready for knight x f7, but i feel weaker on Bishop xf7. Any videos coming on exploring this defense would be appreciated.:)

  15. I knew a few of these openers, although I like literally every opener you've shown me that I didn't know. (Roughly 6 of them)
    Its possible we have the same mindset in terms of positional goals.

  16. Love your channel. Traxler doesn't works if White plays Kf1 after Bf2 check. I was very confident after I learnt all the variations of Traxler but after I saw that my opponent played Kf1, I was completely shook. I finally understood why Stockfish shows -3 in analysis after you play Bc5. IM Rozman etc. recommend it because a lower rated player will fall in the trap but a higher rated patient player won't. Hence it is always adviced to play d5 and go for the normal variation of Fried Liver Attack.

  17. Reads the title
    Reads the title again

    Visible confusion

  18. I really don't understand people who like this video. Each opening is explained in aprox. only 45 secs with the most common conclusion "it is chaos!". There is NO EXPLANATION WHAT-SO-EVER on the advantages in any of these openings except telling something like "it has many attacking chances". Very poor review. Thumbs down.

  19. You are the best. Could you tell me what software / website you use for your chess.

  20. Please Kevin, I'm a Sub that always Supports. The Pirc is the Defense I seldom vary from. Can you send me a link to your strongest lines playing it? Thanks man, it would mean the World, So Appreciated! Blessings Your Way from Oregon! … Mike.

  21. Oftentimes the opponent and i don't even know which opening we are playing

  22. Take a shot every time he says involved

  23. I like Blackbourne Shilling Gambit, I was expecting to see it in this video

  24. I fucken love you kevin from the chess website i grew up watchikg your videos man !!!

  25. No 1 Traxler Counter Attack….After White Nxf7 Bxf2+,..if white not takes free Bishop on Bf2,whats next move for black?

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