TRICKIEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 & 1.d4 – Every Move Is A TRAP!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you one of the trickiest chess openings for Black, which is universal as it works against both 1.e4 and 1.d4 by White.

It’s called the O’Sullivan Gambit from the Alekhine’s Defense which happens after the first moves: 1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 b5. It can also be transposed if White plays 1.d4 and then 1…b5 2.e4 Nf6 3.e5 Nd5.

This gambit is so tricky that White loses in just 6-8 moves in the most common variations. It sets a trap almost every move and even top-rated players fall for these traps; yes, it works even against 2500+ players!

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Gambit for Black
00:27 Universal Chess Opening Against 1.e4 & 1.d4
01:43 Line-1: If White plays 5.dxc5
03:42 Transposition from 1.d4
04:44 Line-2: If White plays 5.c3
05:23 Stats: Even 2500+ ELO fall for these TRAPS
06:07 Line-3: If White plays 5.c4
07:38 Proof: 92% Win Rate for Black
08:25 Line-4: If White plays 5.Bc4, correct response
10:19 White’s stronger move to watch out for
10:57 Black’s aggressive, riskier approach
12:08 Igor’s cat likes this aggressive approach

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  1. Many many happy returns of the day sir

  2. Happy Bday!! Woot! Love your channel. Blessings on you today.

  3. What if instead of White playing 3. d4, White plays 3. c4 threatening the Knight immediately?

  4. I haven’t got anyone to fall for this yet. They always move their knight out to protect their pawn

  5. I keep trying a computer on "Easy" mode and doesn't fall for the trap. I guess I have to try it on a human game. Thanks for the videos by the way. I suck at chess so everything helps

  6. Happy Birthday. Thank you for the great content πŸŽ‚

  7. This channel has quickly become my favorite chess channel on youtube. Very instructive and no nonsense. Great work.

  8. 6:25 if Nc3, white blocks the check and protects the bishop!Β 
    But allows pxN, pxp, Qxp+ threatening the black rook.

  9. 1e4 Kf6 2 e5 Kd5 3c4 and than what (no trap for black now)

  10. I am between 1200-1300 in 5 minute blitz, I tried all these openings I lost every one.πŸ˜‚ I think they have studied your video too. πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜­

  11. Hi Igor. Love your channel. Question: after black moves the knight to d5, white does not have to respond with d4. They can play c5, chasing the knight again and the whole thing falls apart. How to respond? chrs, Vic

  12. In the line that you talk about at 4:57 where white reinforces the center with c3 and we play cxd4, what do you suggest if our opponent plays Qxd4 instead of cxd4
    I looked at it in the database and it looks like maybe Qc7 followed by bb7 if they play Qxd5? Thoughts?

  13. Count me in, il.ley u know how I get on, thanks

  14. Igor, what's with the new background? My daughter and I want the cat back!

  15. Happy birthday Igor, another great video, thanks.

  16. I never see players push the king pawn to attack the knight on f6 but rather defend their pawn with their own knight 🀷

  17. I just end up getting chased down by pawns πŸ˜‘

  18. Happy bday. Love your videos. Im going to try this at club tonight. Wish me luck 🀣🀣

  19. Ive been trying this. When they play d4 i offer the knight pawn. They take it and i go on to win. However, most of the time they play c4 instead.

  20. Very trappy line. With the e4 opening, 1 question I have Is what if white plays 6. Nc3 after 5…Qa5? This still blocks the check and protects whites bishop on b5. Or am I missing something else?

  21. No one's going to push their pawn to e5 chasing a naked knight… 9 times outta 10, they'll defend the pawn on d4.

  22. Its really great steps . 90% winning chances.

  23. They almost literally never play what he says they’ll play

  24. I always get opponents who play 3. C4. How do you handle that?

  25. 1600 player so getting opponents in that range – I've tried this twice now and weirdly both times it's been 1.e4-Nf6 2. e5-Nd5 3. Bc4 Not sure how to respond I've played Nb6 and just played chess but curious if that 3rd move breaks the trap or if there are any ways to keep the themes going

  26. OMG!! i studied this opening this morning and started playing this afternoon and i’m getting win after win. i moved from 1580 and i’m now at 1630 and still playing


  27. These kinds of traps, although a lot of fun, rely on opponent's blunders. Pc3 and Qxd4 give white a fine position.
    Before trying these things, you need a plan for when they fail.

  28. very Happy Birthday Igor πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

  29. At famous "risky move" where Igor's cat liked it, doesn't the pawn has en passant anyway???

  30. Pb5 doesn't necessarily stop Pc4 by white as he says in video. If pxp by black, then simply BxP by white, developing a piece.

  31. So what happens queen takes pawn on d4, instead of bishop takes knight? Any traps there?

  32. Somehow my opponents, bot or not, usually play something different πŸ˜…

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