TRICKY Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4 [Unstoppable Attack]

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🔹 Chess Opening: Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5 | Traps and Ideas –

In this video lesson, we will explore an aggressive chess opening for Black against the White’s first move 1.d4. If you are playing 1.d4 yourself as White or if you are looking for an aggressive way to counter 1.d4 as Black, then you are going to love this!

GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the Englund Gambit, which happens after the first moves 1.d4 e5. Black’s idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn.

This will be a surprise for your opponents who play 1.d4 looking for a more positional game with strategic ideas. In this video lesson, you will learn the Blackburne–Hartlaub Gambit, which happens after 2.dxe5 d6, aiming for quick development after 3.exd6 Bxd6.

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4
00:21 Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5: Why?
01:49 2…d6 – Blackburne-Hartlaub Gambit
03:46 White loses their Queen: Can you find it?
04:34 Black’s Winning Attack on Kingside
07:06 Line-2: If White plays 6.Bg5
09:05 Tip: How to find Attacking Moves
09:50 Line-3: If White plays 3.Nf3, not 3.exd6
11:55 Thank you for your support!

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  1. You always give outstanding chess lessons. Thank you

  2. Dear Igor Smirnov , I've just heard you mention that your site was hacked a few days ago. That must have been a pretty awful experience. I'm glad it was all sorted out happily and your channel is up and running again. Thank you so much for another brilliant video. Out of all the chess teachers in the whole world, none have helped me as much as you. Best wishes and thank you so much. Philip Rosch 👏

  3. i hate those people hacked ur channel. they are bullshit

  4. what after Bb4 prspective by white except Be2

  5. I find your chess lessons extremely enlightening. I've always been a decent chess player. Always better then everyone I know personally. But I was only ever taught the most basic of chess and how the pieces move. Was never taught strategy so I was self taught. Learned how to put people in checkmate on my own. But watching you and a few others has opened my eyes to a whole new way to play chess for me.

  6. How would you answer 1.d4 e5 2 dxe5 d6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Bg5?

  7. What can we do if his bishop after d4 e5 de5 d6 nf3 nc6 comes to g5?

  8. Thanks Mr Igore for your excellent analysis and tell us the importance of each move. Keep up the 👍 job

  9. Nice one 😊😊😊😊😆😊😊😊😊😊😅 very good

  10. Answer to how to capture white's queen:

    Bxh2+, this also uncovers a discovered attack from your rook on d8 to their queen. Whether the king captures the bishop or steps aside, you can take his queen.

  11. sorry Igor, no 1000+player will take the pawn on d6 first off

  12. If you would not have been out there with chess videos, surely I must have stopped playing chess.

  13. Great to see you back, Igor. I felt quite bereft when the channel briefly disappeared so really happy you've managed to resolve things and hopefully at no more cost than some unnecessary stress.

  14. What would happen, if white defends his e5 pawn with f4 at 3rd move?

  15. crap opening . just gives you some extra time from beginning on the clock for getting worse and worse. Why this GM doesnt play himself?

  16. Amazing explanation, огромное спасибо!!

  17. I'm sorry to hear that you were hacked! Thank you so much for this video. I've been playing the mainline Englund gambit because at my level (around 1200) 1d4 usually means a boring London game, but even at that level almost everyone knew how to avoid the basic trap in the gambit so I was losing a lot. I've now had 7 games in this new line after watching this video and have won 6 of them! They've also been very fun games, so thank you so much for showing me such a fun and effective opening!

  18. Against nc6 b-g5 is +2 for white and practically winning.

  19. I am so glad you recovered your channel. Welcome back!

  20. I was wondering why i kept seeing this this week.

  21. I've had some success playing in similar fashion but with f6 . Going to have to try this one, ends up a lot like an Icelandic Scandinavian

  22. From now on, no one will associate the name Igor with the movie character that was a passive, stupid evil man…now he is super smart, aggressive winning! 😆

  23. Hey Igor i was crushed when i saw you go off youtube last week. I thought you bailed out! Sorry to hear you were hacked. So glad u are back, love your videos!!!

  24. So sorry to hear about your channel being hacked! Your videos are priceless to me and I immediately go play what you have shown with wonderful results and memories. The only video that didn’t work for me was the Grob with 1g4. I was on tilt when I commented on it. So glad you are back, I love your videos very much. Best wishes and Regards

  25. Love your work man
    Thanks for these extremely helping videos💐

  26. And what is the plan for Nc3 Bg4 Nb5? The treat is queen exchange and/or gaining the bishop pair with an extra pawn, and you don't have a strong attack without the queens on board.

  27. I bet the guy who hacked you was nowhere near your rating Igor! Love your videos here in Canada

  28. Interesting but I doubt this gambit is sound, after d4, e5, dxe5 d6, Nf3 Nc6 white can play Bg5 and I don't see any compensation for black for the missing pawn. instead of 3. Nc6 black might consider Bg4 so after Bg5 a reasonable move is Qd7 but I still doubt black has enough for the pawn, white could consider playing g3 and bg2 later and his king looks safe.

  29. I really said to myself damn I'm gonna finally stop using the Englund gambit and play something better well can't say I'm not surprised when I actually watched the vid

  30. If White castles, we launch a discovered attack with the dark bishop, and the poor woman is ded

  31. your opening videos are incredibly helpful and have improved my ranking by over 600 points ! many thanks !

  32. Your voice creaks a lot, don't want to be offensive, just informative. Thank you for good chess content.

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