Want To Crush The London System?

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This is a way to beat the London System, a great opening for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

1. d4 d5 2. Bf4 (2. Nf3 Nc6 (2… Bf5) (2… Nf6 3. Bf4 Bg4 4. e3 e6 5. Bd3 Bd6 6. O-O Qe7 7. c3) 3. c4 Bg4) 2… c5 3. e3 (3. dxc5 Nc6 4. Nf3 f6) (3. c3 Nc6 4. Nf3 Bg4 5. e3 e6) 3… cxd4 4. exd4 Nc6 5. c3 f6 6. Nf3 g5 7. Bg3 h5 8. h4 g4 9. Nfd2 Bf5 *

0:00 Intro
0:51 Theory
10:15 Game 1
21:24 Game 2

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  1. My brother plays the London so this will be very useful.

  2. Argh!! Should it really be legal to teach people how to attack the London system?
    I have already met the C5 opening a couple of times, and it have made me frustrated every time, because i want to have the pyramid formation as white.
    My first thought was to put my pawn to E3 after C5, but that would lock my bishop in if he does not take my D4 pawn..
    I am so glad this was a bit complicated and that we can just forget the London system as a defence. 🙂

  3. So, can someone explain to me why a lower ranked person wouldn't just take the knight on b8 after c5? I know it's a bad play but I feel like some people would do it, I'm just wondering how bad could it?

  4. I was actually looking at it using lichess engine and found that Levy did miss some top engine moves by white. So my prep against this anti london would be=
    d4 d5 Bf4 c5 e3 c×d4 e×d4 Nc6 Nf3
    Now if Bg4 then the engine suggests 2 best moves with equal evaluation= Nbd2 and c3. And I think that for a player who has watched this video, Nbd2 might be a new move. So they might already be out of their prep and then that's where we have to start working on the opening. I mean nothing went wrong for us London guys, Nbd2 is one of the moves of the system. And then you might think that this loses the pawn on d4. But no . Because if N×d4 we can actually play N×d4. And then after Bd1, we play Bb5+ the only move for black is Qd7. And then we take the queen or take the bishop doesn't matter. We will be up a piece. So that is like a trap in this opening. 😱😱
    And then the other most played move by black after Nbd2 is e6, trying to stabilize the centre and open his bishop to castle. But then we play h3 or Bd3. It's your choice. But I would prefer h3 since it kicks the bishop and also keeps the tempting trap to take the pawn on d4 by black active. And then if Bf5 then we can play c3 and although the analysis says the position is 0.1 but that's always the case in London. That's why London was called dry opening because the position is very drawish.

    But yeah that's my prep for now. I prepared that in like 10 minutes. I still have Stockfish 13 to analyse with. Let's hope for the best that Eric Rosen responds to this video with his own video. Either saving the London or a video like How to Crush the Vienna and the Caro Kann😅😅

  5. You played agains 1000 and 1400 being 2600. Obviously, you're gonna win. Try playing with people at your rating, then we shall se how strong the opening is.

  6. the london is the only white opening i ever play, why would you do this to me

  7. Grapefruit is good but it’s all about pineapple

  8. At this point I'm mostly watching to see the progress of levys hair evolution

  9. Was just feeling down after losing to the london and this pops up in my feed. lets go

  10. I hate playing against London ty gotta get lame boring players out of their lame boring lines

  11. We want to attack the London player… me who just wants to win the game.
    Great Video, very helpful !

  12. SUPI vs CARLSEN would be nice to see analysed

  13. LEVY, I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE. I will just take my Ls in the London. This is just too much theory.

  14. Someone just played this line against me right after I watched this video but I won haha

  15. When will you drop the Nimzo-indian video? Cheers!

  16. When I wake up I’m not sure if I’m supposed to watch the stream or the new vid

  17. Now I understand why Levy countered Agadmator's anti-London video. It's not cause he loves the London, he just didn't want the competition for this video. I see you Levy 👀

  18. Wow the londons so popular,too popular if you ask me.I think im sticking to the jobava london while theres not much well known theory about.

  19. Levy – my usualy line against London Sys is 1_Kf6, (always Kf6 against 1.d4) and … if… 2.Bf4 b6 – the queen indian setup – have you some advice ? for black and white? … anyway I think is a interesting line

  20. was literally just going to look for this.

  21. Levy: "here's how to beat the London"
    Levy: "the Englund gambit isn't a very good opening"
    Eric Rosen: "hold my tea"

  22. For some reason when I play the best move in the chess.com analysis engine, it goes from 8.1 for me to 4… did the engine realize something a move later? So strange.

  23. It would be cool to see an albin counter gambit video to pair with this system

  24. Dude, just crushed someone using it (mate in 18)… You' re really great!!

  25. So for the next 32 hours it's best not to play the London

  26. Funny that the computer thought bishop takes on B8 was best because when I saw the fork coming I literally thought. Why don’t you just take the B8 knight? Didn’t think it was a good move but it would make an interesting game

  27. In game 2, after NB3, BD7 is a trapped Queen.

  28. When you said not to Q check, do it than B to b4 with not defended,and you threaten BXNch,yes-no?

  29. Ben Finegold just went into cardiac arrest

  30. 2. Nc6 is the most vindictive move I've ever seen. Kudos to anyone who wants to beat London players so badly they're willing to learn an entire queen's gambit defense just to improve their London counter.

  31. Jarritos Tamarindo is my favorite, give it a try!

  32. 15:16 If y’all have not had grapefruit Jarritos…but still claim that McDonalds Sprite is the most crisp drink? You’re very much mistaken, grapefruit Jarritos will straight up factory reset your sinuses.

  33. Opening theory is almost useless. You don’t get better at chess by having someone tell you what specific move to play in a specific position (except when it’s the endgame). Even general opening principles and middle game plans are almost useless before a rating of about 1800. Drill tactics and endgame all day and you’ll improve faster than everyone else watching this video.

  34. legend has it that levy has never worn the same hood twice

  35. I love that gotham is posting everyday. I hope he doesn't burnout

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