Win Fast In Chess With This Sneaky Opening (Max Lange Attack) ASMR

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  1. Could you do a video on the Urusov gambit?

  2. 20:31 if you take with the rook first when the opponent takes back with the pawn you take with the bishop and win the rook and up material

  3. I've been trying to use the preparation that this video gave me for two days but nowadays no 1400 elo replies 2 ..e5 hahhaahha

  4. What if my opponent also watching this video? 🤔😅

  5. if any of you have watched Django if you listen to him he sound just like Dr King Shultz

  6. This is awesome. Super informative and relaxing plus the pieces are so clean and cool looking!

  7. nah cause hes talking about all of these moves but when i actually try to do this people just try to fools mate cause iom so low elo 😢

  8. this dude should teach at a school, educative yet relaxable

  9. I slept in the middle of the video, but the next day I remembered the Openings

  10. when I do it he plays bishop f4 what can I do

  11. At 28:02, can't black just play d6 and fork the knight and the bishop and then only be down a pawn instead of a piece?

  12. As someone who loves chess and asmr this is perfect

  13. What if after you get into Italian game they move d6 instead of developing the 2nd knight

  14. Wow "look like my grandma teeth" completely caught me off guard 😂😂

  15. Ok..we need the follow up video for bishop to e6 at at the 21:27 mark. Please 😊

  16. This is fantastic, thank you!. I have learned more than I could have imagined in a few short days from this and the Sicilian Dragon video. Which chess set do you use? I would like to consider getting one like it.

  17. Guys I walked in brother's room and he was sleeping to this

  18. The fact you aren’t already much more popular is upsetting! The knowledge you share of the game while also being relaxing is incredible.

  19. im trying to learn but i keep falling asleep 😭

  20. I really enjoy the way we can play and attack the opponent.

  21. You know it's an exploding opening when you can attack the king and the queen simultaneously but still ignore your opponent queen and go for the checkmate straight up. Very tricky!

  22. I keep trying to watch this to learn and keep falling asleep 😂😂😂

  23. where did you get this chess board? thanks!

  24. Those moves give no freedom to change to a win, so many checkmates, fabulous now to click subscribe and notification. I enjoyed the game you show, it makes the brain compass, NSEW😁

  25. Do these lines mostly work in Blitz or do they make sense to play in classical too? Asking for a friend xD

  26. what board is this? it looks really smooth to play on!

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