Win Fast In Chess With This Sneaky Opening (Max Lange Attack) ASMR

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  1. omg tysm my winning percent went from 54 to 89 😀

  2. A lot of thanks for making and sharing your video!!

  3. Bro when ever I tried this tricks my opponent always give counter so I use my tricks to win

  4. winning six games in a row with white with this at he literal 1850 bullet level

  5. Thank so much sir for Good and clear teaching in chess variations.pls contenue sir..

  6. Yes you can win a quick game with those moves , but if somene experienced in chess will come out with the horses from the begining and will protect the first pawn with the horse. The atacant will loose its qeeen right from the begining.

  7. Hope you didn't fall asleep before the end of the tutorial.🥱😴♟️


  9. At 52:20 you improperly place the queen on H8, when it should have been on G7….

  10. I'm learning the bishops opening and this variation made it better

  11. "the sniper bishop, never forget the sniper bishop" 😂😂😂 too funny cuz its just true.

  12. At 4:37 if the king moves up a single space black won't have to lose their queen. Then Queen takes Rook, king takes knight. The win fast strategy just kinda falls apart

  13. at 20:18 in that case, i think you guys should sacrifice the rook

  14. I am getting Nf6 after Bc4. And am not sure how to respond.

  15. Not only are you falling asleep to a game a of chess explained, you are also learninv how to play chess

  16. Such nice lighting set up. Makes the pieces looks nimated

  17. Don’t like chess that much (mainly because i don’t know how to play) but I keep watching your videos and falling asleep to them every time keep it up!!

  18. I cannot resist the urge to point out that you pronounce the e, so its lang-eh

  19. One of the best chess videos i´ve seen. I´m a 800 elo player and many players play as same as you said. Ty for the advice! With this video maybe I will able to hit 1000 elo surely 🙂

  20. Ahhh win really fast just use nothing but women half naked – willy 0

  21. I love playing chess so this was very fun and most of all, am so glad that this made me better in chess! Thank you so much!

  22. Your videos will help me become a grandmaster

  23. 21:25, what if black just plays Qe7, holding everything together and being totally fine?

  24. I'm a beginner and I tried this opening for the first time the other day and my opponent pulls out bongcloud 😂.

  25. I won so many times with black idk how I do that every time but Injust know it when I plax

  26. Side note in the last mainline shown of queen blocks on g6 actually u can play Rxe6+ and u will win the queen other wise u just win the bishop.
    Very good video thanks for all the great content

  27. Dang, I really thought the trick would be “make them fall asleep” 😂

  28. i thought i was the only one who called the bishops “sniper bishops”!😂

  29. I have that exact same jumper and I have never in my life seen anyone with the same one, I was convinced I had the only one

  30. Doesn't matter how many of these I watch, I still can't seem to figure out how the king moves. Lol

  31. So happy to have found these videos. I’m new to chess and this is a nice relaxing way to learn openings. Also cool that you happen to be danish like me aswell 😃

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